Friday, October 05, 2007

Roof Decks Are Right On

IMG_4397, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Anyone have a roof deck? Do you have to get a special permit to install one?


bogfrog said...

Need a permit.
Need to follow building code with safe stairs and railings.
In some cases, need to stay back from the street so the deck won't be intrusive.
Love the idea and am thinking about one myself. (Baltimore was a real inspiration this summer.)

Anonymous said...

As an alternative, you could turn the roof over your porch into a terrace. There's one on Otis Place (the 700 block, I think) that's really nice. Worth a look-see.

pauper said...

I saw a great one a few years ago in Logan Circle. They had a nice grill up there and right next to it was a pulley system down to the kitchen window. Ingenious! I almost rented there, but didn't get the place which was a blessing in disguise. The entire house didn't have one closet.

ColHeightsChic said...

Ummm, this looks like my friend's roofdeck.... in fact, this looks like the roof where I spent the 4th of July. Any hints as to where you took this picture? If it is indeed my friend's, this deck ROCKS, and I'm pretty sure he built it himself.

Prince of Petworth said...

It's definitely on 13th St. I think near Kenyon. If you know him, get him to send me a picture of the view from up there!