Friday, October 05, 2007

A Mural or Windows?

IMG_4379, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Why is there only one window on the side of this rowhouse?


Wayan @ OLPC News said...

MURAL! I so want to paint the wall of my neighbour's house, a wall like the one in your photograph, with a big beautiful mural.

LaLa said...

window! because the developers were cheap, and hoped to build more row-houses next to this one. someone enterprising must have punched out the bricks to install their own bit of sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Um, there's only one window because it was built that way?

Our house has a single window exactly like that on the alley side, and it's pretty obviously been there since the house was built (it wasn't punched out, as far as I can tell. In fact, the previous owners put cabinets over the window on the inside).

(I've only ever seen one mural that didn't look cheesy, so I would leave the poor house alone.)

Mr T in DC said...

I appreciate the fact that the wall of the rowhouse is graffiti-free.

Scenic Artisan said...
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Scenic Artisan said...

only one mural that didnt look cheesy? ever?
what was it?

i'm a painter and loves me some big walls to paint on, but in that case, i'd put in windows.

Anonymous said...

I am picky about murals, I guess. The one I like is one by Brian Barneclo, and it is called The Food Chain mural. It's in SF.

Check it out .

Anonymous said...

Grr, I somehow messed up that tag. Uh, anyway, the period is linked to the mural. Sorry.