Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who Doesn't like Short Shorts?

DCist had an interesting debate about a Gap moving into the Barracks Row neighborhood of Capitol Hill. I imagine we'll be having this debate in about three years so we might as well start it now. So, would we be equally outraged if a Gap set up shop in Columbia Heights?

Speaking of Barracks Row I don't know how I missed this story from CBS News in July:

"Barracks Row is a neighborhood right around the corner from the U.S. Capitol.
With trendy art shops and sidewalk cafes, "business is booming." But this successful commercial district is about to get an infusion of your tax dollars, CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports. Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., has earmarked $500,000 tax dollars for unspecific upgrades — possibly a giant decorative arch, kiosks for merchants and concrete stools."


pauper said...

We've already got so many chain stores coming, I don't see how people could be so outraged if a Gap set up shop in Columbia Heights. In fact, I bet we'd see people asking if the Gap could take the Ross spot.

Gina Grace said...

I'd much rather see a Gap than a corporate chain that tries to pull off the "we're so not corporate" thing like Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters (or Whole Foods for that matter, but that's a whole different ball game). The Gap is pretty vanilla, but at least it's honest!

Toby said...

How can anyone be ENRAGED about a clothing store coming to an area, from where people have to leave and travel out of to buy anything decent? Any time I want to go to the Gap, I have to go to Chevey Chase, PG Plaza, or Georgetown. Plus a store like that would provide employment, especially for young people. Enraged? Maybe I'm from a different planet.

odentex said...

Nu-uh! I want a Ross or TJ Maxx so's I can git my cheap on. Screw the Gap.