Tuesday, September 25, 2007

News Wrap

An occasional new feature when I see articles or blog posts of interest:

I knew I saw a prostitute near the metro! Washington Post.

Another Wine Bar to open up on U Street. Express.

Explosion on Farragut St. shuts power. DCist.

Sad story about a cat passing in Columbia Heights. Intangible Arts.

Concrete Front Yards in Brooklyn. Brownstoner.


Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I live on the 800 block of Farragut St and had no idea it was a manhole explosion!! We lost power for about 40 minutes. At this point I'm just psyched that we are considered "an area of downtown" and that we made dcist AND the Associated Press!! :-)

Christina said...

Could this explain why the traffic lights were out along Upshur yesterday? And hey, I live "downtown!' I expect an immediate increase in my property values. :-)