Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Site Launch

I met with my IT guy yesterday and we are shooting for to be launched on Oct. 1st with the party soon after. When the new site is launched there will be a section for forums so that you can query the entire community. But in the meantime we have a new resident, Marcus, who is closing on his house next Friday.

Marcus asks: " I am closing on a house in Petworth next Friday that is a fixer upper. I'd like to use a local contractor for my AC/Heating work. Where could I inquire about a service like that?"

So any recommendations?


Crestwood said...

I usually consult Washington Consumers Checkbook ( for recommendations on all sorts of services. I have a subscription, but maybe the library has hard copies you could look at. It's sort of like a local Consumer Reports.

bogfrog said...

The question is: Do you want a General Contractor or do you want to be the GC?

Anonymous said...

John C Flood of DC is based on Kennedy St, NW - I believe the 700 block. I have had them replace my boiler and hot water heater, among other things. They are about as local as you'll get.