Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's all in the details

Nice stained glass, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I've noticed a lot of rowhouses on the 14th St. corridor have fantastic stained glass windows. This example has the number of the house in stained glass. Little details like this really make the homes in our neighborhoods pretty bad ass. Anyone live in a house with stained glass like this? Do you know from when it originates? Does your house/condo have any special details that make it unique?


Christina said...

I have a friend who took lessons in stained glass...making? That doesn't seem right, he wasn't making the glass, he was making the designs with the glass. ANYway, he loved it and eventually ended up setting up a whole little workshop in his basement. The only problem was that his fingers were always covered with little cuts (shudder)

He took his classes at this place but maybe there are others in the city?

bogfrog said...

Many things have been ripped out by prior owners, but check out the Brass Knob warehouse on 1st and N NW for replacements! It's an unbelievable place...

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've been wanting to do the same thing to my own house for some time now, and I think this post has given me sufficient inspiration to get off my keister and do it. I will definitely check the place out in Virginia. If anyone knows of a place in the District that does this type of work, I'd love to hear about it.

Susan said...

here are 2 websites for nice quality house numbers, found out about both in the magazine Blueprint (Martha Stewart)

for house numbers you could apply to the glass above your front door, check out - you can choose the font, design, etc. to get house numbers that fit the date/style of the house.

Also check out where you can have metal house number custom made in your choice of fonts or finish (stainless steel, brass, etc). As a test...for my 3-digit house numbers it would be $150 to get custom house numbers made.

anyway, I love these ideas because i really don't like the house numbers they sell at Home Depot

odentex said...

Faux stained glass (paints that make regular glass look like stained glass) is pretty impressive as well... you really can't tell it's paint unless (a) you get really, really close; or (b) you let Oden paint your glass. They have kits you can buy online for cheap that include faux leading also (a liquid that hardens and looks like lead). It's cheap and a do-it-yourself project.

One downside, you have to paint flat, so the glass needs to come down to be prepared.