Friday, September 07, 2007

Interesting News Out of Today's Post Chat

The Washington Post's Going Out Gurus had an interesting chat today. It looks like there is a new bar coming to 14th and Spring and the guys from 18st Lounge are opening up a new place on 14th St. just north of U. Good stuff.

"Washington, D.C.: I keep hearing about a bar called Red Derby (or something like that) opening in Columbia Heights. Do you know where?

Fritz: It's at the corner of Spring and 14th, so it's a little north of central Columbia Heights, but I can't wait for it to open -- loved the bar during its brief life in Adams Morgan. They've been through inspections, so hopefully we'll all be drinking shots and beers from cans in the next few weeks."


"Washington, D.C.: I hope someone can convince me that I am not imagining this...but I swear earlier this year I heard a rumor that the guys who own Eighteenth Street Lounge were opening a new bar called Marvin around 14/U this summer. I live around there and needless to say I can't see any new bar and we are desperate over in Columbia Heights for some higher end places to drink. You know anything?

Fritz: Marvin is officially The Bar I'm Most Looking Forward To at the moment. It's on 14th, just north of U, and should be open this month. Two floors, Belgian beers and food, lounge areas, DJs, Eric Hilton ... should be my new destination. The name references one of this city's greatest sons, Marvin Gaye, who spent the later part of his life living in Belgium."


ColHeightsChic said...

Yes, the buzz about Red Derby has been swirling for a while. Very exciting:

Bonnie said...

So cool. I love Temperance Hall and Mayorga but would like to have more options.

EmoEmu said...

meh. Hopefully it won't be much like ESL as I think that place is pretty horrible

Bill C. said...

Eric H. of Thievery Corp is an old friend of mine. He said he has a couple places besides Marvin in the pipeline for 14th and U. One will be Chocolate Bar, a lounge to be next to (and part of) Marvin, and hopefully opening in the spring will be a cool Jamaican-style bar and patties place called Patty Boom Boom, around the corner near the old State of the Union.

I didn't ask when Marvin is due to open, but based on a quick ride-by they didn't look too close...

Bill C. said...

Haven't been to ESL in quite a while, but not sure what could be so horrible about it. It certainly used to be great and actually cool in the first years after in opened in '95. It basically invented the lounge in DC.

Then again I met my wife there, so maybe I'm biased!

Daniel said...

Marvin huh?
Could give Saint Ex a run for their money.

DC1974 said...

the problem with ESL is the arrogance of the place. and their door policies. and just their all around douchiness. i think it was cool for about a year or two in the mid-1990s. but it's been around for way too long at this point and hasn't really innovated since then.

14th and spring is an awesome stretch of north columbia heights. there's a bunch of bars around there that if we lived in any other city would have already been taken over by hipsters.

there's also a fantastic salvadoran restaurant right around there. i used to live at taylor at 14th, it was amazing to watch the change around there as latinos started renting store fronts and just generally putting sweat equity into the place. it has a nice feel to that part, now. not pretty, just very workable. also, of course, you aren't far from distrito federal, the taqueria which I can't recommend enough.

dcide said...

I knew those guys from the old Derby..The place was nothing like ESL more like the old kingpin..In any event i'm looking forward to the new spot..