Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Think This Bureau Has Many Locations

IMG_4360, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

but I spotted this one on S Street between 14th and 13th. It is made of wood and there is another larger sign, maybe a kind of memorial next to it. But this one obviously spoke to me. It reminds me of the Remaking Le Slum Historique mural on I think 9th Street in Shaw.


LaLa said...

I saw that sign a few weeks ago, and have been enchanted ever since!

odentex said...

I'm waiting to see a "Free Half-Smokes" sign at Ben's on U Street before I reach "enchantment".

Almost 30 said...

If I'm not mistaken, the sign is actually a piece of art remaining from the SiteProjects DC program that was installed on June 15th of this year. The project was developed as a way for "local artists to interact with the rapidly changing landscape by installing 12 site-specific pieces in the area."