Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fantastic Reno in the Works

huge gut reno on NH, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Many of you have probably walked by this home on New Hampshire Avenue near the metro. It had the dreaded vinyl all across the front and is now being replaced with brick. It looks like it is going to be pretty sweet.

Wait a second. My house is entirely ensconced in vinyl. And it is beautiful. Until I win the lottery and can afford nice cedar shingles I'm stuck with vinyl. Vinyl requires very little little upkeep and won't give you cancer like asbestos shingles. So don't hate too much.


Jason said...

Vinyl is not bad, if it goes with house architecture and the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Also, it reasonably inexpensive and almost no maintenance of its life time (30 years 40 years).

However, the long term environmental impact of vinyl siding is not clear to the public.
The government agencies also not taking any initiative to help the US residence to understand the consequences. They probably have more interests in supporting the companies that produce and market vinyl siding.

I am not an environment engineer nor a bio-chemist, but let me give couple scenarios how vinyl siding, which I think, is bad for environment and public health.

Scenario # 1: What will happen when, 20-30 years down the road all the houses with vinyl siding need to be replaced and old siding need to removed, where do you dump the old vinyl? In the swamp, in your backyard, or haul way to a devolving country that will accept the toxic waste in return of foreign currency?

Scenario # 2: If there is a house on fire in a block, and a few house next to it also damaged by the fire, and let assume most of them have vinyl siding. Well, the fire fighters can put off the fires, but all the toxic fume will generate from vinyl siding burn, can you avoid not to breath in if you are living in same neighborhood?

Jason said...

It is me again.
By the way,
You may read the article (the link is bellow) which gives some information on negative impact of vinyl siding.

Jason said...

Blogger's text format truncated the link. Let see if this works.

odentex said...

There is a movie called "Blue Vinyl" you should check out PoP...

Vinyl is icky for the environment but easy to spray off with a hose. Personally, I am going to replace the crappy aluminum siding on the back of Lil' Gal's house with some Hardie plank.

Bonnie said...

Like many homes in Petworth, the rear wall of ours is vinyl. While I wish we could have used brick, there was no way we could have afforded the renovation then. I'll take remodeled vinyl over dilapitated brick any day.