Thursday, September 13, 2007

Care to Speculate

Anyone know what is going to become of the big building on 11th across from Columbia Heights Coffee? Retail on the bottom and condos up top?


Anonymous said...

Some developer swindled the district out of 2 million dollars and is now in jail, but the building itself is caught up in many lawsuits, so don't count on seeing anything happen to it for a few years. Oh yeay, and the 2 million given to the developer is missing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the developer was Rob Hall, Hope 7 Monroe was the project, it was going to be retail and residential. I've heard the residents who left may be coming back soon, but uncomfirmed. In any event, I would bet this is the last spot to be redeveloped on 11th as everything else is moving along. The latest I've heard is that the liquor store next to Arthur's, 3313, sold to someone who has unspecified retail ambitions, and it looks as if at least one of the two buildings for sale next to Wonderland is already off the market (the for sale sign is down). Hopefully, once those projects and Warehouse are done, it will create more interest in resolving the quagmire with this building, which will soon be prime real estate in a booming block.