Friday, September 14, 2007

Apt. Building of the Week

This apartment building is located on 13th St. a block south of Euclid. It is unbelievable from the outside. It seems as though many apartments have balconies that overlook the much of the Mall. From here you can see the Capitol all the way to the Washington Monument. Anyone live here? Is the inside as nice as the outside? How are the prices?


Anonymous said...

I've had two friends live there-though both have now moved. Its a beautiful old building on the inside. The apartments are cozy and have nice details, wood floors etc.. . The prices are quite reasonable. Not cheap, but reasonable. Similar to if not less than those at the Dorchester House, a few blocks away. Terrific location.

Antonio said...

My girlfriend used to live at the highview. (13th and Clifton) It was a really nice building, always clean and well managed. They did however have an electrical fire in the basement last year. If I remember right it's managed by Bernstein Mgmt.. They do a good job. The views are amazing if you are facing Cardoza High School. I think she paid $860 for a studio.

Anonymous said...

I live here. It's a great building. As was mentioned previously, the apartments all have gorgeous old hardwood floors. I pay a little under $1500 for a (very small) two bedroom that has a balcony and faces out into the middle courtyard.