Thursday, August 09, 2007

Whatever Happened to Grass? Part 1

Are you guys a fan of the total mulch front lawn? I think it makes it look a bit too institutional, no?


sunshine said...

Better than dandelions and weeds...for those of us with less than a green thumb, I understand.

Jason said...

If your covering entire yard with mulch, then you need a few evergreen plant, for example holy berry or boxwood, and a few perennial.

Abut green thumb? When you are nursing the plant, you just need to keep in mind they have a life too.

To other important things are some plant need full sun, some partial sun, and some shade, also, . some plant do good in alike soil, and some does in acidic soil. So you need to have basic idea what type plants to plant. Most of mulch will increase the acidity in soil so that Azalea and Rhododendron will go perfect with mulch. So read the tag-description when you buy a plant.

Some easy to maintain plants that you can plant in mulch:
Rhododendron, Azalea:
Bothe of them are form same family. They are on of the hardy plant in the world. They cannot take full sun, will do better in half shade or full shade. Also they need lots of water.

They are one of my favorite. They comes in different color. Very easy to maintain, and once you plant them they will come back every spring, and stay until winter, with flowers in summer (stay about two weeks.). Will do better in half shade, but will be okay in full shade.

They are another easy maintain plant. Comes every spring, and stay until winter, with flowers in summer (stay about three to four weeks.) Also there is new kind of Iris I found at Home Depot that has green and white strip on the leaves, so the make nice contrast. Need full sun, but can survive in part sun.

bogfrog said...

Jason - thanks for the great advice! I guess most people in the nabe just received the same bulb catalogue as I did... so give the homeowners a chance, they may shock us next spring with an outrageous display of tulips and daffodils

Jason Kabir said...

Hi Bogfrog,
You are the one who done beautiful kitchen renovation.
Well, if you give me advice on my kitchen renovation, I will help you with your garden.
How does it sound?

DC1974 said...

A low ground cover would work. But all mulch has got to be better for water consumption that lawns. Putting in low-water yards was a big deal when I lived in Oakland and Berkeley. I can see that trend doing well here too.