Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Jesus wasn't from Puerto Rico"

Petworth Preachers, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I'm not exactly sure what that means but we now have our very own preachers outside the metro! The blog Frozen Tropics has discussed this issue in the H Street area.

All I know is I kept hearing Jesus this and Jesus that and then something about Jesus and Puerto Rico before I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable. Also the fact that they were standing on some sort of box when screaming about Jesus was less than pleasant. Now, I'm all for Jesus but this seemed to be a bit excessive. This was about 8pm outside the metro. Has anyone seen this before?


Anonymous said...

Yes, they've been there several times and I question whether they have a permit since they're on Metro property. Their mic was pretty awful so it made it difficult to understand all of what was being said, but in my short time listening to them I was able to discern several profanities used and an number of not so politically correct statements about white people and Israel. Wish I could give more information but I was quickly turned off and walked away. Made me think that next time this happens I'll call 311 and place a complaint.

Cathy said...

Yes, I live at the Paramount so I get this at least once a week. Last night, very loud -- could hear over my window unit and TV. I understand free speech, but assume there is some limit to how loud one can be in a public space! So annoying! And rude on many levels.

petworthian said...

Yes, they're rude and obnoxious and hard to ignore. But my advice about these guys is don't indulge them. It's the same group that was ultimately run out of Times Square in NY because not only were they violating all sorts of regs about permits, they were threatening people who challenged their views or just asked them to pipe down a little. If you're annoyed, call 311 or the local police station, but don't confront them. They're nuts.