Thursday, August 02, 2007

Want More Pizza?

Moroni and bros pizza, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Moroni & Brother's Restaurant is located at 4811 Georgia Ave. NW . You can see from the picture that the have a brick oven which makes the pizza out of this world. But I have to tell you that I found the menu to be a little confusing. It was odd to see the pizza and the Central American dishes, it seemed as though the restaurant wasn't quite sure whether it wanted to be a Pizzeria or a Central American restaurant. I suppose if they do both well, than all the better. It pains me to say this but I was a little disappointed. Now, don't get me wrong, the pizza was great. But if I'm going to get pizza I'm still going to Red Rocks. And if I want a Central American theme I'm still going to El Limeno or El Torgoraz. You can kind of tell from the picture but this place is very spartan and it just didn't feel very relaxing. The server was super nice and I really wish them well. But for me, when you consider the whole package, Red Rocks is far superior. But that is just me, you should check it out for yourselves. As I live about equidistant from both joints I'm choosing Red Rocks. What do you think? Can both these restaurants survive? I think there is enough distance between them that they should be ok.


GforGood said...

Have to try it soon, but as long as the pizza is good, I will probably alternate between the two, and perhaps use this one more for take out, and Red Rocks when I want to sit down and have a nice beer too.

sm said...

If Moroni & Brother's would deliver, that would definitely give them the edge! I haven't tried their pizza yet, but am looking forward to it, the reviews on the Petworth News look very promising.

odentex said...

We ordered a carry-out dinner with Red Rocks just before we went to Texas last week and, I have to say, the pizza wasn't that good.

We got the margherita and the "funghi" cheese pizzas. The crust was undercooked and doughy, the toppings were sparse and bland (including the saddest little basil leaves ever), and if that chewy blob was "buffalo" mozzarella, I suspect that means the cheese was made in Buffalo, NY in someone's basement. Very insubstantial fare.

While better than some local options, it was certainly not worth the effort for carry out or the $25+. Not even close to 2Amy's or Pizza Paradiso "Neopolitan" level. RedRocks would probably be better off if they did a more traditional American-style pie... it covers a lot of sins and their kitchen doesn't appear to be up for the task of "gourmet" pizza a-la 2Amy's.

While it is always possible we just had a way-off night (although it was a Saturday), and we will give it another shot down the road, I have to echo a lot of the same comments at the grand opening about the food being so-so at best.

I will say that the place itself seemed very nice inside and on the deck, and the bar was packed when I went to pick up the order. If I was looking for a 20-something shorty to buy flip-flops and irrationally huge sunglasses for, the bar might be a good place to start... much lower attitude threshold compared to some of the DC bars I've seen.

Overall it seems like a very nice atmosphere to have a meal in. But unless we have time to go and eat there it definitely does not warrant the expense to call in a order and pick it up.

BTW, Who do y'all call for delivery in the PW?

We've called Boli's twice. It was passable and cheap. While nothing to remember, Boli's spinach and mushroom pie was (sadly) more satisfying than the RedRocks pizzas.

Also, Boli's delivers lickety-split... like 25 minutes.

GforGood said...

Oh my god, please no American style pizza in Red Rocks!!! Their pizza is so thin (and fantastic, I might add) that is not ideal for pick up: if it sits in a box even for a few minutes, the magic is lotst I am afraid.. :)

Pauper said...

gforgood and i agree way too often. Oden, go back to RR again and have a seat inside. I think things have substantially improved.

odentex said...

GforG: Sorry, but I fail to see how sitting in a box for 5 minutes from RedRocks to Grant Circle makes the crust UNDERcooked. Like I said, I'm willing to go back and give it another shot, but if one wants that sort of "gourmet" thin pizza it is not as if there is a lack of places to go in DC (Matchbox, Paradiso, 2Amy's)... but there is a lack of quality deliverable/take out pizza (and food options in general) in our area as SM noted above. I'd much perfer an Alberto's on Park Road to be honest -- or even better, a quality Indian or Thai take out. Now that would be progress.

Soulless Bureaucrat said...

I've visted Red Rocks a couple times hoping to love it. It has disappointed each time. The servers while friendly aren't the most professional. The pizza, while good, is not outstanding. It seems they don't number their tables given the number of times pizzas arrive at the wrong tables. I saw one pizza delivered to four tables before finding a home. Finally, come winter time I think the lack of a dumb waiter will result in even colder pizza. Provided the server doesn't slip on the ice coming up the stairs, in which case you may never get a pizza. MB on the other hand has superior pizza, superior crust, and superior service. Also, it serves a broader cross section of your beloved Petworth. And by that I mean it serves folks other than a bunch of white, yuppy "pioneers" that moved into Petworth a couple months ago. Maybe the lack of atmosphere is really a lack of hipsters and instead a smattering of regular people.

Bonnie said...

I was also a little disappointed in RR. The pizza wasn't bad (maybe a little too salty) but it wasn't great either. I definitely did not leave thinking tha we have to go back soon.

jeff said...

I'm a little late to the show here, but I've now eaten at Moroni & Brothers twice. I have to say that the pizza is fantastic. I was living near Dupont Circle when Pizzeria Paradiso opened and always loved their pizza. For those who don't know, Denis and Reyna worked at Pizzeria Paradiso for 15 years. Its great to have that same quality on Georgia Ave. This weekend, Denis mentioned that they will be starting delivery soon.

Also, while I agree its a little strange having pizza and Central American fare on the same menu, it works. In our case, half the family wanted pizza and half wanted Mexican. Strangely, that's not unusual for us. And, that leads me to the final plus for the restaurant, its very family friendly. Our two boys were very welcomed and enjoyed watching the pizza's get cooked in the wood-burning oven.

Christina said...

Sorry to revive an oldish topic, but I've just had a chance to get carryout at Moroni and Brothers. I'd love to offer a mini-review (because I love to hear myself talk!)

First, my qualifications: I love food, and love eating out. :-)

The yucky weather plus a bare cupboard made this a perfect time for me to try this place. I couldn't remember the exact address but it was easy to find, on Georgia Avenue a little north of Decatur.

I thought the interior was very comfortable. Neat and clean and friendly looking. It's not a place I would linger for hours, but it's quite nice.

I ordered the 15-inch "diavolo" pizza, which came with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions, sausage, bell peppers and jalopenos. I ordered a Coke to drink while I was waiting, but the waiter was like, hey, you can get a soda for 60 cents next door. "I'm just being straight with you," he said. I appreciated it.

By the time I was done with my Snapple from next door, my $17.55, 15-inch pie was ready. It smelled delicious and looked gorgeous. I love the crust -- it's really nice and crispy with little burnt spots that were extra-tasty. The toppings were applied appropriately, I thought -- it's not a heart attack on bread. And the cheese actually tasted like it came from milk at some point in its "life," not just like salt and grease.

I am so glad this place is in the neighborhood. I absolutely will go back, and maybe try some of the Salvadorean dishes. Two thumbs up!

Hatcha said...

When two different friends told me that I was crazy to not RUN to Moroni's for the best pizza in the city, I thought they both went bonkers. First, I live less than two blocks from the place. Couldn't be good. Next, the atmosphere is a little sparce. I was skeptical for sure. But I'll be damned if it's not the best pizza I've ever had outside of Italy. Better than Two Amy's and at least as good as Pizza Paradisio, where the owners worked for years. They are very friendly and excited to make new friends in the neighborhood. Three thumbs up!