Friday, August 31, 2007

This Just In: Terrible Car Crash at 4th and Upshur

I saw the aftermath at around 6pm this evening but apparently an MPD vehicle got into a collision with a civilian vehicle. The civilian vehicle was completely destroyed. I heard second hand that an ambulance took people away. I'm not sure if the officer or the civilian were taken to the hospital but it was apparently pretty serious. Hopefully they will be alright. More details as they become available.


Markus said...

crap. I just lost everything I wrote while having to sign in. Is there such a threat of spam comments that we need that.

Not as neatly written summary of what happened:

I saw the immediate aftermath
every cop in 4d was there, including, it seemed, all the undercovers and off-duty guys there.
it was a stream of cop cars speeding to upshur/4th.
looks to me like the woman in the tiny hatchback was driving up Upshur and t-boned a cop crossing upshur on 4th st.
my neighbors heard it, i just saw the lights.
it seemed like only the cop was taken away in an ambulance and judging by the lack of urgency by the surrounding cops, he/she is fine and it is just a precautionary trip to l'hopital.
firefighters had to pry the drivers' side door off to get the officer out.

I think that's all the important stuff.

Phil said...

hi all,

Does anyone know if it was the civilian's fault or the officer's fault? Thanks.

project kb said...

POP reports.... you decide

Gillian Clark said...

We all just need to slow down. After someone slammed into me going through a stop sign at Warder and Quincy, I stop at every intersection whether I have a stop sign or not. But I am often cut off and tailgated no matter what I'm doing or what is going on. I get honked at when I stop for blind people in the cross walk. We just all needed to be nicer, I think.

Oh...its okay if I respond to things even though I am Chef Gillian Clark...I don't want to squelch the conversation. I just happen to live in Petworth.

100YearsOfTrash said...

"I stop at every intersection whether I have a stop sign or not."

That is not only annoying, but dangerous. You will cause traffic and further agitate drivers.

I've never heard of "Chef Gillian Clark", but what would make one think people would be too scared of her to comment on a blog?

Bonnie said...

I get really irritated by people stopping when they have the right of way. It slows down traffic and causes uncertainty that can lead to more accidents not prevent them.

pauper said...

Agreed. Stopping where there is no stop sign is downright stupid. I'm definitely going to honk/yell at you for it.

That said, the intersections in Petworth/Columbia Heights are terrible.

My advice, for what little it's worth, is to be especially careful when you're crossing an intersection where you have a stop sign.

I actually edge out into the intersection just enough to see both ways before going, especially at 14th and Taylor. WURST INTERSECTION EVAR!!!!!

ColHeightsChic said...

Hee hee, I have to give Chef Gillian Clark props for asking if it was ok to comment. (Colorado Kitchen chef!)
That said, I too will be annoyed at you if you stop unnecessarily!

DC is the only city I've ever driven in (except, perhaps, NY) where people are such self-righteous a-holes that they actually honk and curse at you if you pull over when an ambulance or fire truck go by. Every time that happens to me, I feel like getting out of the car and yelling, "I hope you bleed to death on the street one day because you got in an accident and the ambulance didn't make it in time due to some a-hole driver who wouldn't get out of the way"! But then, I realize, I'll probably get punched and end up needing an ambulance myself, so I just drive on and curse under my breath.

Sarah said...

Stopping when you don't have a stop sign or traffic light is very dangerous.

The most dangerous thing is traffic is the unexpected - traffic should flow as it is designed to flow, obeying the rules.

odentex said...

Nobody pays any attention to the stop signs on Upshur between Rock Creek and Georgia. Crossing the street to get to the bus stop on Upshur is sort of like a human-sized version of Frogger.

Anonymous said...

This just in, "Chef Gillian Clark wins most oversensitive pop poster title"

Gillian Clark said...

Gosh...Anon...can you take a joke.

Pauper...hope you understand that accidents and near accidents have made me gun shy. I also have a new car. Maybe that was foolish. But I was hit at an intersection by an uninsured driver with Md. plates. Go ahead and honk at me. I take my time. My daughter and I were almost killed when I was taking her to the SATs one saturday morning. The guy was in a 60s muscle car going about 80 through a red light. I hesitated at the green because I hadn't had any coffee yet. It saved our lives. You know the intersection...the Shell at Kansas, Georgia & Upshur.

C'mon Y'all. You must admit there is way too much tail gating on our quiet city streets. And too many rolling stops. I don't come to a screeching halt on Georgia Avenue (I've been driving for 24 years, golly). But I do pause at intersections.

It's called defensive driving.

100YearsOfTrash said...

That's called a '72 Impala...

and that's called defensive driving.

Christina said...

There was a four way stop recently added to an intersection near my home, I think it's Randolph Street and Kansas Avenue. That thing FREAKS ME OUT because half the people on Kansas see and obey the stop sign and the other half think they have the right of way, still. So I do pause there.

I understand why Chef does what she does but man, sometimes I've stopped at an intersection for a pedestrian and someone whipped from behind me and nearly killed the poor walker. I don't know what's the best thing to do. I understand the urge to pause, tho.