Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random PoP Observation #27

So I was at CVS today and there was a huge line. Why? Because there was a lady who was paying for her purchase with a check. A check, like it was 1974. And she was rather young too. If the lady was elderly I wouldn't say a thing. But her paying by check, knocked the CVS world off its axis. Aren't "check/debit cards" free from banks now? If she wrote a check then surely she could have a free debit card. Am I crazy? Well, I bet she has one hell of an 8-track collection...


Anonymous said...

I write checks sometimes.

While my credit union does not charge to use the debit card at the point of sale, my husband's bank does. I'd rather not pay that fee. And in small businesses, I'd rather write a check or pay cash and save them the fee. It can be substantial, and it does get passed on to us.

Their fault for being too dumb to deal with a simple transaction, not her fault.

Besides, IME, the lines at Peoples are always terribly long, no matter what's going on.


IntangibleArts said...

This brings up a curious thing I've been meaning to write about for a while... I don't think the problem is the check-writer, as such, but CVS. All of them.

Not just in DC, but in other states, everywhere. EVERY CVS I've ever been in, EVERY TIME, has an amazingly long wait, even if there's only one person in line.

There's some mystical property about CVS stores; and it's so consistent, it's become hilarious. Try it: any CVS anywhere. The line will either be stretching halfway through the store, or there will be only one or two people, but with some insane money issue, price mis-marked, tech problems with the register, returning stuff without a receipt, armed robbery, it's amazing.

There. Longest comment ever. But it had to be said.

reuben said...

pop- i'm a big fan of this site, as you may have surmised. but your comment concerning the woman who wrote a check (horrors!) is a bit of a generational slap in the face, dont you think?
keep living ( and i pray that you will), and someone coming up behind you might well make comments about some of the hallmarks of all the twenty and thirty somethings running things now. like, say, "upspeak", and
public conversations on phones, or wearing flip flops everywhere..
see what i mean?
all the best,


Pauper said...

In my day we didn't have flip flops - we walked on the beach in our bare feet and didn't even feel the needles and glass cutting through our skin - and we liked WE LOVED IT!!!!

C'mon, Rueben - it's only a slap in the face if you have thin skin. It's more of an observation of how things have changed. For the most part, people just don't use checks for everyday purchases anymore so when somebody does, it stands out.

lazy cake said...

I'll go on record for not liking ANY of the following:

-check writers
-flip flops
-upspeak (had to google that one)
-public phone conversations
-thin skin
-thick skin
-ANSWER posters on Grant Cirle
-anything else I forgot to mention

odentex said...

I really shake my head at these kids that wear flip flops to work. Damn whippersnappers! Why don't they go make a facebook entry or engage in some extreme sport instead of clogging up the metro?


Anonymous said...

It could have been me writing that check after someone picked up my debit card at the bar of the Heights and Bank of America kindly cancelled not just my debit card but my husband's too. It's been two weeks since he's been without his and I just got mine back. Was I buying a pack of cigarettes and an asthma inhaler?

Anonymous said...

crap..i'm guilty of upspeak. i had to google that too.

Invisible Sun said...

i was trying to think of a reason to use a check and maybe commenter #1 was right--the checkwriter you saw might get charged by her bank for a debit card. then i was trying to think when i write checks and besides bills i pay by mail, the only thing i could think of is the dry cleaners. also, i have a dim memory of people writing checks for groceries, before they took credit cards and ATMs.

p.s. i don't mind flip flops AT THE BEACH but right now i am looking at two co-workers, in my downtown office, both of whom are wearing flip flops. ugh! kids today!

pauper said...

Honestly, what's the problem with flip flops? Yeah, you shouldn't wear them at work especially if you're a guy, but otherwise there's really nothing wrong with them. I mean they're almost as comfortable as going barefoot.

Reuben said...

sorry, pauper. guess it does seem like nobody writes checks anymore..
of course, if i begin thinking about things that people seem not to do anymore, i might end up jumping off key bridge (just kidding)..but as far as flip flops go.. i guess i am just getting old.. it looks like a uniform. like everyone is content to look like everyone else... invasion o f the.. oh, this is washington, isnt it?


Daniel said...

fee for using your debit card for purchases? Guess what? Switch banks.

I think the PoP has bought into the Visa Checkcard commercials. Next he'll be complaining about some using, *gasp*, cash!

Anonymous said...

As long as checks are considered legal tender, I'll continue to use them on ocassion. At least I can count on being requested to present and ID to authenticate myself. Last week my sister lost her debit/credit card and within hours her bank account was negative due to fradulent purchases. Her bank will restore her funds, but the merchant who permitted the purchase for which someone actually forged my sister's name on a receipt, will be SOL.

odentex said...

The problem with flip flops at work is that you aren't "dressing for success," you're dressing for a Jimmy Buffet concert.

Anonymous said...

I love wearing flip flops to work! Especially my Croc flip flops --- they are sssoooooo cushy! Oh my goodness, if work was really like a Jimmy Buffett concert life would be just grand. A Grateful Dead concert - even better!

Anonymous said...

There are some accounts that only let you use checks, like mutual funds or money market savings that are through a broker not a regular bank.

Maybe granny was just saving her money right.