Friday, August 17, 2007

Historical Comparision

Old third story brick, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Here is a photo from 13th St. showing an original third floor extension made out of brick. I'll tell you why I like this one. Even though it still "sticks" out it has all the surrounding details that the other houses have, it is just one floor higher. If you look at the roof (my housing vocab. is slim) the border is exactly like the neighboring houses. Hmm, so I wonder why this house was built with an extra floor if it was built during the same time period as the 2 level houses. Any ideas?


window watcher said...

looks like it's not "original", it was just done to actually match the original design.
if you look at the top windows they are smaller than the lower levels.

poo poo said...

it's original.

in neighborhoods throughout dc, you see this.

the dude that probably built up the block built the tallest one for himself. it's a vanity thing.

fonzy said...

All I have to say is if we have to live with 3rd floor expansions, a top floor made of brick that matches the original building is 10 times better than plopping a top floor made of crappy plastic siding.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any info on who built the homes in this area? Do these homes have a particular name (besides rowhouse!!). When I look at my neighbors houses I see quite a few common elements but I also see differences and I'm not sure how much is renovation or builder style. You know like when you buy a new house in a cookie cutter neighborhood but you are offered different styles/versions. So who built these houses way back when and what was the standard floor plan?!