Thursday, August 02, 2007

Flip it bakery

Flip it bakery, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Located at 4532 Georgia Ave NW Flip It Bakery is a great place to go to eat dessert after you have lunch at Moroni and Brothers Pizza (see above).


lazy cake said...

Does it taste as good as it looks? I frequently leave bakeries with great expectations only to be disappointed by the quality of the baked goods. Anyone have first hand knowledge?

odentex said...

Their cookies were good. Their sandwiches -- not so good. There was also a bit of a language barrier when we went in for lunch, but that might have been during someone's break. One of our party had previously had a cream puff-type confection there and liked it. But steer clear of the luncheon fare.

Christina said...

I went there Saturday and got some cookies and a piece of pie. it was just a'ight. I prefer my cookies more rich and chewy-gooey.

(I didn't eat this all at once, just FYI)

I'm more than willing to give a neighborhood place another try, though. What are the favorite dishes of people who have been there?

Bonnie said...

Their cakes are awesome! Not too sweet and the frosting doesn't have that crunchy grocery store tate. We have our family hooked and now take over slices of cake every time we go visit!