Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ellwood Thompsons Organic Grocery Coming to Columbia Heights?

Columbia Heights News reports the controversy over the proposed grocery store. It seems to me like it would be a great fit in Columbia Heights and would nicely compliment the Giant.


mradequate said...

As a former Richmond resident, I can say that Ellwood Thompson's is a fantastic company and a great natural foods store. I really hope they come.

fonzy said...

The way I read it is ET is ready and willing to move in, but the owners of the real estate are sitting the fence. It's a question of maximizing the remaining rental space. More stores to rent = more revenue to the owners. One large grocer could mean more foot traffic, but would be less revenue from rent (grocery stores usually get a break in rental space).

Advocates of ET should express their opinions through Councilman Jim Graham.

Kelly said...

I am a former Richmonder as well, and I love Ellwood Thompsons. I think it has much better prepared food than Whole Foods and lots of funky and vegetarian choices. The prices are pretty comparable if not better than Whole Foods. I'd be thrilled if they came.