Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ANSWER Fined For Posters!

Thanks to the reader for posting this link. According to the Eagle Blog, ANSWER has been fined for its posters.

An excerpt:
According to ABC 7, the group received 64 citations for the posters on Monday, with a $150 ticket attached to each. All told, ANSWER must remove the signs in 72 hours or face at least $9,600 in tickets. It’s unclear exactly what the charge is, that the posters can’t be so hard to remove, or that they can’t be posted on street lights and traffic boxes.


Patrick said...


You know, the law states they can only have 3 posters per block and the posters must have the date they were posted on them. NONE of those laws were followed. Democracy isn't messy, but it seems that for ANSWER coaltion, following those laws is proving to be messy and costly. I am all for those posters, but only if they followed the laws to post them.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. ANSWER's belief is that there actions are protected by the 1st Amendment but the government does have the ability to place some restrictions on free speech, like not crying "fire" in a crowded theater. They can also restrict posting and signage as long as the restrictions are uniformally applied and not onerous. Since the rule states 3 signs a block, ease of removal (which this signs are clearly not) and not applied only to ANSWER - they need to get a new method of announcing their protest.

As an FYI, I saw one of their signs in Foggy Bottom announcing a protest from 2003 - hmmm, how long will these signs be around after 9/15.

DCDireWolf said...

Post picked up the story today, ANSWER is claiming that the DC laws have no basis, that they are applied unevenly, and is refusing to obey.

Daniel said...

AND NOW, from the Washington Post on Friday, 17 Aug.

"An anti-war coalition said it will sue the D.C. government next week, accusing the city of political harassment.

The threat of a lawsuit from the ANSWER Coalition comes in response to the nearly $10,000 in fines the city issued the group for illegally posting signs.

The group is promoting a Sept. 15 march against the Iraq war with hundreds of fliers.

The D.C. Department of Public Works said the problem is the protesters used glue that was too sticky to post the fliers on lampposts and utility boxes, making them hard to remove. The city said the group also exceeded the number of signs allowed per block.

The National Park Service is also asking the group to remove signs from utility boxes on the National Mall and near the White House. Otherwise, the Park Services wants the group to pay for the federal government to remove the posters."

Daniel said...

sorry, not from the Washington Post, but from the NBC4 website.

odentex said...

It's great publicity for ANSWER, especially since their prior marches have been such flops. The big problem with these ANSWER marches is that the vast majority of people who agree with the premise that the war should end don't want to suffer hearing a bunch of marxist BS totally unrelated to getting Congress to do it's job and cut the funding for Iraq.