Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Would this Law Fly in Petworth?

Since we've been on the Brooklyn kick I thought I'd share a law that they have on the books there:

"The current law holds property owners liable for the smallest candy wrapper (or soda can, like the one above that greeted us on our return from the airport yesterday) that any passerby decides to drop on the sidewalk — and even up to 18 inches off the curb."

You can read the full post from Brownstoner here. Scroll up to read the article, you'll be taken directly to the comments.

The law seems kind of whacked to me. I can't even imagine how deep in debt we'd be if the DC City Council were to look to fill its coffers this way.

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Sarah said...

DC has a law on the books requiring property owners to clear snow on sidewalks around their property. I have NEVER seen this law enforced. That is a much simpler job than enforcing this law would be.

I have a mantra - no need to make new laws while existing laws are not enforced. I think that applies here.