Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random PoP Observation

As much as I wish I rode a bicycle or walked everywhere I actually drive places from time to time. As such, I have to fill up the car with gas. So, this weekend I fill up the car at one of the "cheap" places down on Sherman Ave and I put 10 bucks in. You know how if you put 10 bucks in the nozzle gets really slow at $9.90? Well, this pump got really slow at $9.00! So for a full dollar at 1 cent increments I had to wait for it to reach 10 bucks. What the hell? Have you noticed this at gas stations around town?

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lazy cake said...

The cheaper the gas, the shittier the pump or so I've found. I haven't been to the stations on Sherman but the two Shell stations on GA (between Shepard and Upshur) both have fully functional pumps that don't slack at the end.

Once on a trip through NC, I stopped to fuel up at one of those giant places just off the interstate. I pumped gas for more than five minutes before deciding to give up and drive away with only 3 fresh gallons of gas. Only at a place with ZERO return customers could you get away with such shoddy infrastructure.