Sunday, July 22, 2007

Now That's A Tomato Garden!

NH Tomato Garden, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Yesterday was one of those beautiful Petworth days in all respects. The weather was beautiful and I decided to walk down to U Street to meet some friends for dinner. So as I'm walking down New Hampshire I notice a big spray of water coming from the alley. To satisfy my curiosity I had to check it out. I venture into the alley and I see an older gentleman probably in 60s watering his garden. My eyes go wide as I see all of the tomatoes he has successful grown. He is very skeptical when I approach him. He looked at me like I was crazy as I was ogling his garden. I asked him if I could take a picture of his garden. He replied "I don't care, take a picture of whatever you want", in not the most friendly tone. I was a little taken back. I quickly told him how amazing I thought his garden looked. At this point his eyes lit up for just a second and you could see him swell with pride. I then told him my woes about growing only two tomatoes and how they both got eaten by an animal. Without hesitating he walked over and plucked a handful of gorgeous red tomatoes and insisted that I take them. He told me he lived on the block for 35 years and has always had a garden. I was grateful for his generosity. I had so many more questions I wanted to ask him but he walked back to continue watering his garden. Well, I hope to catch him again to learn more about his gardening technique and to learn more about his experiences living in Petworth for the past 35 years. And yes, the tomatoes were delicious!

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odentex said...

PoP's wandering about in alleys reminded me of that line in a recent episode of Flight of the Conchords (yes, you should watch it) where Murray advises visitors to NYC from New Zealand to "avoid crowds and stay in back alleys," and is discouraged that "they nevertheless manage to get mugged at a very high rate."

Not that I think PoP would get mugged in PW alleys... prolly only teased by small school-girls who'd play keep-away with his camera.

Oh, and VERY nice tomatoes. Tomatoes really thrive here. Much nicer than the small rock-hard tomatoes you get in Texas. Lil' Gal was thrilled yesterday when I fixed the front spigot (which involved replacing the busted pipe under the porch, but it's a long story) so she could water our surviving tomato plant and the flower boxes liberated from the Columbia Heights balcony.