Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Neat Neighborhood Find

Again, not exactly in Petworth but close enough. There is a fantastic independent bookstore on 14th and Q near the Bike Rack. Until we get one of our own this great bookstore is well worth visiting especially if you like international travel.


Karen said...

WHOO HOOO!!!! Could not be any more excited for a nearby bookstore.

Invisible Sun said...

the owner is really helpful and she really has a great selection. the lonely planet series rocks! let's support independent bookstores.

p.s. one can sign up for candida's email newsletter on the website, to let you know of author visits or other things (like spanish for traveller's class, etc).

Anonymous said...

Yep, we live just a couple of blocks from Candida's. It's pretty much all travel, but considering that my wife and I spend half of our waking hours dreaming up our next big adventure, there's nothing wrong with that. Very cozy place, has been around for awhile I think...would be nice if she found room for a couple more chairs so you can stick around for awhile.