Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Georgia Ave. Express Bus

Has been reviewed by Live From Third Rail. Read the review here.


odentex said...

I'd be nice if WMATA would run an express down North Capital all the way from Takoma (Blair Rd.), past Alison, for those of us that need to get to Union Station and Capital Hill (and back). The 80 goes all which-a-ways east from Ft. Totten before it heads south and therefor takes forever. I guess because the Red Line services that corridor they have decided not to run a bus south. There is literally no bus route that runs on North Capital on the eastern border of the Old Soldier's Home. If the Red Line is out (as it is regularly), it's tough luck or a long ride on the 80 through NE.

Prince of Petworth said...


What problems does the red line have?

odentex said...

None at all! I swear! Especially not any "minor delays" that mean waiting 20 minutes in a tunnel!! [Oden is taken away by the Transit Police to Room 101].

Golden Silence said...

If I choose to, I'll only ride the 80 between Fort Totten and Brookland Stations. I refuse to ride it further out. The ride's too long and too many loud and ghetto-acting fools board beyond Brookland Station.

The Red Line is the best-running train out of the five lines, but it tends to break down a lot, have delays, single-tracking, etc.