Sunday, July 01, 2007

Garden store on 14th St.

Everyone was quite favorable about this garden store last I wrote about it. I just walked by it again and noticed they have added an addition. It looks like a number of locusts are crawling up the wall. Aren't locusts bad for gardens?


Daniel said...

They look like fighter planes. I think you need a better camera.

Invisible Sun said...

The creatures on the side of the wall reminded me of when Chicago did it's 'Cows on Parade' a few years back and 'Lady Bug' cow was stuck on the side of a skyscraper, 10 stories up.

By the way the stores on this block, with GARDEN DISTRICT, including PULP and GO MAMA GO!, have some of the most unique products and friendliest staff.

And I do not know anyone who gives back more the the community than Noi (sp?), owner of GO MAMA GO!

Anonymous said...

They are praying mantis according to this website:

Beverley said...

Like Anonymous said, they are praying mantis and they are part of a Public Arts Display project along 14th St. put on by the Corcoran and the Washington Project for the Arts. Praying mantis are actually very good for the garden, along with ladybugs, both of which the Garden District has in stock.