Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Take me home, city roads

Whew, finally made it back to our beloved Petworth. I have to tell you, I have just returned from a very beautiful part of the country. The air was fresh, the mountains tall and the rivers were rapid. So when I exited National airport and was hit with hot sticky, humid blasts of heat, I became a little sad. But it never fails, as soon as I drove past the Old Soldiers Home I couldn't contain my joy. There is something very real about Petworth that makes me appreciate it even more every time I go on a trip. Just having a cold glass of water on my porch looking at and remembering all the familar sights made me super glad to be finally be home. So I don't know what the hell John Denver was talking about those damn country roads, I'll take Petworth city roads any day of the week.


Daniel said...

He wasn't talking about where you were anyway. Just try the country roads of WV and you'll love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Yes, especially the Lost River/Hardy County area. Stunning. And cheap property to be had!