Thursday, June 21, 2007

Running Circles

It seems as though there is some major renovation going on at the track of Theodore Roosevelt High on Upshur and 13th. I wonder if they are getting new turf or new turf and a new track as well? I often see people running around the track in the early morning and early evening. Has anyone used this track before? Is this a nice track to take a run? Personally, I have retired from running after doing the Army Ten Miler last year. It took me a ten days before I walk normally again, but I guess that is what you get for not training. But I still like to watch other people run.


Dago said...

That track isn't the greatest, but it works. It's concrete. On the back turn, closest to Georgia, the kids have spray painted "beware of sharks" on the wall adjacent to the turn. This is because that the track has bubbled up to form "shark fins" there. I always found that hilarious. I read in the Post the other day that select schools in DC are getting sport turf fields (astro/grass hybrid). I wonder if Roosevelt is getting this? Maybe the concrete is getting replaced by rubber?

Toby said...

BTW, Petworth residents and DC people in general refer to the high school as Roosevelt, without specifying which Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt HS is rather far away in PG County, so there's no chance of confusion.

Let's see how long it takes to get the track redone. What about the playground at Barnard Elementary at 5th and Decatur? The school was rebuilt a few years ago yet the playground remains unusable, either as a vacant area or a oile of dirt. Where do the kids go for recess?

J.Con. said...

I run up at Coolidge High on 4th Street in Brightwood. It's next to the Takoma Park (DC) Rec Center and the track is decent quality. Running on Roosevelt's track is a one-way ticket to shin splints.

J.Con. said...

Toby--The Barnard kids play in the parking lot for recess. They're really well-supervised and are loud and laughing.
However, Barnard has started constructing a playground on his nice grounds, so hopefully next year the kids can play tag on the grass.
As an aside, the Barnard students wear uniforms. It's a great practice I wish all DCPSchools employed.

A.M. said...

I run at this track sporadically and usually find other walker/runners there in the evenings. It's OK but could use some sprucing up. A nicer track (cushier, and with a view of downtown!) is at 13th and Florida.