Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Quick Comment on Comments

It pains me to do this but some people are just jerks. So here goes, a few guidelines adopted from DCist, I'm reluctant to say rules:

* Good comments can disagree with the content in the post, but they never insult other commenters.
* Good comments are usually pretty short and are open to being contradicted by other readers.
* Good comments are always on topic, and never contain spam or spam-like content.

So in sum, don't insult and curse at specific people. Don't write a thesis in the comments section, especially about something totally random. Don't steal. Honor thy mother and father etc. etc.

I will delete comments that regularly violate the guidelines. So don't get all sore if you write "Jim is an asshole" and I delete your entire comment. You can however write "muggers are assholes." We cool?


Christina said...

But where am I going to sell my penis enlargement pills now? I also run an online casino.

Prince of Petworth said...

Fortunately penis enlargement pills sell themselves.

Anonymous said...

Jim is an asshole. teehee