Thursday, June 21, 2007

Question from a reader

The following question was emailed to me. Can anyone point the reader in the right direction?

"How does one learn about what is happening with closed/abandoned stores and buildings, vis-a-vis development?

For example, i live a little north-west of petworth, at colorado and 16th, and across from our one restaurant, colorado kitchen, is a huge boarded up building that had numerous apartments and several stores.

I was just wonder whether someone is going to do something with it or if it is just going to sit there as a magnet for graffiti and trash?"


Anonymous said...

call dcra

Anonymous said...

If it is indeed vacant, the it should be taxed at the rate for vacant properties, which 5X the normal rate.

Frequently, DC's tax assessors fail to state that certain property is vacant. This results in a windfall to the property owner.

You can check the status of a property at the assessment website:

If you think a property is not being taxed at the right rate, you might reguster a complaint.