Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Neat Neighborhood Finds: Volume Two

Thanks to Elizabeth for the heads up about Morgan's Seafood on Kenyon and Georgia in the Park View neighborhood (check out the picture of the soft shell crabs below.) This is a picture of the proprietor Romeo Morgan who has owned the store for over 30 years. The store itself has been around for 75 years! Romeo is holding my delicious crab cake sandwich, which was amazing. It wasn't one of those 2/3 breading 1/3 crab this baby was 3/3 crab meat. This delicious crab cake was $8.95 and worth every penny. He also offers Trout, Croaker Bone Fried fish and Whiting Filet Fried Fish. And if you are feeling very adventurous you can try the Pig Feet Dinner with 2 sides for $9.95. Some of the sides available are Candied Yams, Coleslaw, Fresh Greens, Mash Potatoes and more. I also have to add that Romeo Morgan himself was an unbelievably nice guy. He was super friendly and tells a hell of a good story.


Anonymous said...

I am all for supporting neighborhood establishments; but I do not know how the Morgan Seafood on GA Ave spot passed the DC Dept. of Health! There are no doors (screened doors with bars do not count) on the establishment, so you know they are crawling with RATS! Here's some advice: PoP make sure you drink some strong liquor after eating from that place (help kill the germs)! As for me, you would not catch me eating from that place even if the food was free! I know nicer establishments may have problems with RATS; but at least the cleaner environment makes makes me sleep better at night! Good Luck :-)

wlc said...

anonymous - get over it, place is good place is good.

Anonymous said...

I just drove by to see if this is true - it's not. There are doors, real doors with glass and wood, but they open inside (not outside like the screened doors mentioned) and may not be easily seen when passing by. Furthermore, I live around the corner and it's unlikely that any business could keep itself afloat in our area without real doors to keep thieves out at night.