Friday, June 22, 2007

A Good Walk Spoiled

Where is this beautiful piece of green land located? Rock Creek Park? The Mall? Virginia?

This lovely land is located right in the heart of Petworth at the Old Soldiers and Sailors Home. This particular piece of land is the driving range next to the golf course. It would be fantastic if they opened up some of this green space to the community at large when the redevelopment is finished over there. I think I heard that was in the works. I would cry if a big hotel was built there...


Chris said...

There is a neighborhood group that is working to get these parks open to the people. They were built to be DC 's "Central Park", but after the Riots, they were surrounded by fences and barbed wire and closed. See the group's website for more information:

Joe Martin said...

In a meeting last year with Cong. Eleanor Holmes Norton, she told us of growing up in part at 5th & Upshur. She recalled days when the Soldiers Home grounds were open to the public "until Black faces started showing themselves in the neighborhood." "So it was good, ol' fashioned racism," I speculated. "Indeed," Ms. Norton replied.

How nice it would be if someday some of the grounds would be open. At a recent ANC 4C meeting, Timothy Cox, the Home's chief operating officer, did tell of plans for a 25 acre public park in the lower section accessible from Irving Street NW, a bit of hike for those of us who are Petworthy.