Monday, June 25, 2007

Care to Speculate? Vol. 3

This large storefront is located on Taylor Street just east of Georgia. What makes this storefront notable is the three main windows. This looks like it can be a pretty big store. It has lots of documents on one window for all the necessary permits. But permits for what? What could this large store be?

PS, I'll be posting an update from last Friday's question of the week tomorrow so get ready for our quest to bring a chocolate shop, Java Green, bakery, garden store, hardware store and/or Dunkin Donuts to Petworth. Who knows, maybe one of these has already been selected for the above storefront.


amanda said...

I believe the stores are on Shepherd, not Taylor.

I'd love to know what going in.

E said...

I know this is a little south for PW, but there is another development at 3422 Georgia. noticed the fence today. I know they are lofts, but stores usually follow.

Prince of Petworth said...

Oops it is Shepherd!