Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Washington Post releases it's Local Explorer

This is fantastic. You just type in your zip code and it provides a map with restaurants, post offices, crime statistics, home sales, etc, it is very thorough. It says there is a coffee place called Vonga coffee on the 4200 block of 3rd St, NW. Has anyone been there? You can check out the site here.


Susan said...

Love it! This is great. You can zoom into a neighborhood and link the the restaurant reviews straight from the map. And I learned my car has a risk of being stolen of 6.79 times the national average. who knew.

Anonymous said...

I live around the corner from 4216 Third St. It's on a residential block extending from Upshur to Varnum. I've not walked by that address recently, but I would be astonished if a coffeeshop was there.