Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Skyscrapers in the Old Soldiers and Sailors Home?

The Washington Post has a provacative article questioning DC's building height restrictions. The article details a Brookings scholar's claim that the only way to rememdy DC's space crunch in the future is to build higher. Obviously we are not talking about tomorrow but in 20 years this could be a real issue. I could imagine skyscrapers looming over Petworth in newly redeveloped areas of the Old Soldier's Home some day. Interesting factoid revealed from the article: DC's current height restrictions are not based on the height of the Washington Monument or the Capitol Building, rather it was born out of protests when the 160 foot Cairo apartment building was built in 1894. What do you think about height restrictions? Will it change the character of Petworth or DC as a whole? I'm intrigued by this topic are you?

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