Thursday, May 03, 2007

Reason #117 why I love Petworth

Laundry drying, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There is something that brings you back to an idyllc small town when you see laundry drying in the fresh spring air.


Lisa Swanson said...

I love it too. Pepco doesn't. I says no more coal-fired plants, no more drier lint.

Nicholas said...

Reason #4 why I don't:* My neighbor three doors down who yelled to me as he pulled his car out of a space and drove by me, "Thanks for getting grass all over my car!" This as I was mowing my elderly neighbor's grass, as I do each time I mow my own. Ugh.

Is this how we interact with our neighbors now? Is your car more important than friendly neighbor relations? Can't just walk up to me and ask me to let you know next time so you can move your car? Can't move your car when you hear my lawn mower (aka personal responsibility)?

* There are lots of reasons why I do love Petworth. This little incident just pissed me off.