Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lawn care: Petworth style

How do you take care of your lawn? Do you hire someone to cut it? Do you own a lawnmower? Or has it been seven years and is it time to let it go fallow? Well, the other day I saw a lady mowing her entire lawn with a weedwacker. That is brutal. You know weedwackers are generally for edging or getting around areas to small for a lawnmower. But it seemed to do the job. I tend to do a combination of the above. I mow three quarters of my house with a lawnmower and let the forth side go fallow. Until Sunday that is. My neighbor has staring employing a gentleman to do her yard work and I became quite jealous. So on a lark I inquired with the gentleman how much it would cost to tend my field that had gone fallow. For 15 bucks this guy cleaned a side of my house that hadn't seen the light of day in over 4 years. I didn't even haggle he just said $15. God bless him. I can now use that side of my house as a putting green it is so clean.

Let me tell you, I thought I had seen it all. Until yesterday, I spotted a guy tending his front yard, not with a lawnmower, not with a weedwacker, not with a hired professional but with a machete! I couldn't believe it. He was trimming clumps of grass on his hands and knees with a machete. It was such a bizarre site. I wanted to take a picture but I got scared and ran away. Well, now I have seen it all as far as lawn care is concerned, unless anyone has a goat?


stutterer said said said...

i'm gonna trim my lawn with nose hair clippers, just to keep you on your toes!

Daniel said...

I used to use hedge shears.

Nicholas said...

Cripes. Missed this post before I posted a comment on another post. I'll repost here, to decrease my karma even more. But, yeah, I've seen the weed-wacker as lawn mower a bunch. I go full on gas-powered lawn mower and weed-wacker for the edges.

And now for the encore performance of my comment posted elsewhere:

Reason #4 why I don't:* My neighbor three doors down who yelled to me as he pulled his car out of a space and drove by me, "Thanks for getting grass all over my car!" This as I was mowing my elderly neighbor's grass, as I do each time I mow my own. Ugh.

Is this how we interact with our neighbors now? Is your car more important than friendly neighbor relations? Can't just walk up to me and ask me to let you know next time so you can move your car? Can't move your car when you hear my lawn mower (aka personal responsibility)?

* There are lots of reasons why I do love Petworth. This little incident just pissed me off.