Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is the metro getting more crowded at Petworth?

One of the great things about taking the metro from Petworth has been that you can always get a seat. Or you used to be able to get a seat. Is it me, or have you noticed that the trains are becoming much more crowded from 8-9 in the morning? I suppose on the one hand it is a good thing to have more riders on the Green line because maybe it will make a case to permanently extend the Yellow line. But on the other hand it was so nice to plop down in a seat and read Express while still in the early morning haze. Do you guys notice a lot more riders on the metro in the morning from Petworth or certainly Columbia Heights?


K said...

I've lived in Petworth since Dec. 2005 and I've certainly noticed a lot more people on the Metro during the AM. The trend became noticeable towards the end of last summer. During the last few months, however, I've also noticed a demographic change. A lot more white people. And this is not a "Those white people are taking over our shit."
I see a lot more people walking around the neighborhood with pieces of paper, presumably looking for open houses. A lot more indie rocker/hipster looking types.
I tell you what, I'm gonna be posted up on my porch in the evenings, listening to the Clash and checking out all the new neighbors. Say, do you live near New Hampshire and Randolph cuz someone was blasting music till about 2am. Slow jams too.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those people looking at properties on New Hampshire south of the metro last night around 7p. It was great seeing all the people out on the street going to and fro the metro. I'm looking forward to sitting on my porch like the neighbors across the street, checking people out!

Mr T in DC said...

I think your observation is spot-on. Since I moved to Columbia Heights about 5 years ago, the Green Line has gotten progressively more crowded during rush hour. They really do need to make the Yellow Line extension permanent, and then extend it to cover rush hour. When the new residential buildings at Petworth and CH are occupied, it's going to be very very crowded!

J.Con. said...

I am not excited by seeing more "indie rocker hippie types" in the PW b/c they're usually not the ones buying the houses. They're renting rooms in the houses.
When they get cut off the family teat and have to cut their hair and put the Amherst degree to use, they will leave PW.
Yes, i'm painting with too-broad a brush here, but the hipster worshipping on this site has gotten nauseating.
We need salaried people moving into Petworth--regardless of their race, people. Sheesh.

Prince of Petworth said...

j.con allow me to comment on the hipster phenom. I think it is appealing because hopefully they would help support the cafe/restaurant/music venues should they come to Petworth. I personally like the idea of hipsters because I see how they have helped enhance certain parts of Brooklyn. But of course everything lies with balance. I take what you say about renting rooms vs. buying houses. I hope Petworth is big enough to support both groups.

J.Con. said...

PoP, are you saying that you want the PW to morph into the caricature that is Williamsburg, Brooklyn??

Anonymous said...


Here is my 1/2 cent worth

Think about how nature need balance, Predators, snakes, insects etc. although disliked by many, are necessary to help keep nature balanced, every animal, insect or predator has a "Job" to do to keep nature going.

Hipsters have a place in neighbood development:

They tell other hipsters how "cool" the neighborhood is. Other hipsters tell other hipsters, eventually, former hipsters with Jobs get the word and they buy, telling other former hipster how "cool" the neighborhood is. Some of them buy and rent to other hipsters...etc...etc...etc..

This is just my 1/2 cent

Anonymous said...

are you trying to manipulate your comments so you look better? if you delete one of my comments at least delete the second one. hipsters do not make a community. the community wooing businesses that bring in non-Petworth residents. the yellow brick road commment was after the other comment directed to the pro-hipster comments.

Prince of Petworth said...

I don't allow comments that call people morons.

J.Con. said...

Good for you, PoP--You're creating an island of civility on the web.

Anon, you make a great point re. hipster's aversion to bathing.

Anonymous said...

J.con--As someone who has been described as a "hipster" I take offense at these comments. I don't identify myself as I "hipster" but most everyone who sees me/meets me for a moment assumes I am one. Yes I bathe. Yes, I work (at a salaried, professional job downtown), and am also a full time graduate student. Yes, I volunteer in my community, and am involved in local politics and neighborhood affairs. Yes I sometimes go to "hipster concerts" or listen to "hipster music". I have been known to spend time on H Street NE. No I do not own my home, I rent. But that doesn't mean I don't bathe, it doesn't mean I live off my parents' largess (and not only because they don't have any) and it doesn't mean that I don't take care of my home and my yard or that I am not friendly to my neighbors. Sorry I don't fit your perfect stereotype of everything that is wrong with people like me. Get over yourself already. I'm here in Petworth, have been here for several years and have no intention of leaving (I might even buy a house! God forbid! Family teat!).