Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday question of the day

This is a mock up of the what the new condos being built over the Petworth metro are supposed to look like. And I am just having a very difficult time imagining it. Believe me, I hope it looks like this and with the Great Streets Initiative maybe it will but it just seems so foreign. I'm crossing my fingers.

So my question to you is: Do you really think the new condos being built over the metro are going to look like this?

Bonus question: I know there is a Mocha Hut coffee shop going in (which is sweet) but what other retail is going in or what other retail would you like to see go in?


K said...

The Condos will be another example of how backwards and useless development in Washington DC (and any other city in the process of revitalization is becoming). Just a big bland ugly soulless mind-numbing wasteland.

No interesting clothing shops, no record stores, no hometown restaurants. Just big ugly condos and nothing serious to buy. Just ugly chain shops with no character. That part of GA ave will become as choked and miserable as 14th Street when those condos are done. Oh well. And to think, this place used to be kinda guerilla hood.

Anonymous said...

I think this new development is being done a lot better than it used to be done - I appreciate it that all of the new buildings will have retail on the first floor. Long time neighborhood residents comment how back in the 50s you used to be able to do all your shopping in the neighborhood. Now it's just dominated by barber shops and liquor stores. I'm also glad that we won't be getting "neighborhood replacement" like what's happening in Columbia Heights (and pleas, no Ruby Tuesday!). There will always be tons of small stores on Georgia, Upshur, and 14th that are small enough that chains won't be interested in them. Still, I just hope that we can still get a lot of locally owned stores in the new development, even if some of them are local chains (I love that Results and Yes! Organic Market are coming in, for example). I'd like to see these kinds of stores in the neighborhood: a bookstore, garden shop, music/record shop, more sit-down restaurants (especially ethnic restaurants - Thai, Ethiopian), a bread bakery, more sidewalk cafes. Also independently owned small businesses - Adam's Morgan used to have lots of cool antique/thrift shops that all seem to have disappeared. And as everyone's been talking about on the Petworth News, convenience stores that sell more than just 40 oz beers and cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Some of the condo buildings going up around town are more appealing than others. The metropolitan Washington area is not one that values independent thought, and it's reflected in so much of the bland architecture that looks like everything else. This is the urban area where so many college students dress like the yuppies they hope to become all too often.

As for locally-owned businesses, when they come, we have to make sure we support them. The biggest threat to locally-owned businesses are skyrocketing rents and tax assessments that double every few years. If it costs too much to open up small, locally-owned retail stores, only the national chains can take the hit of high rents. Hence, Starbucks, 7-Elevens, Red Lobster and CVS pop up everywhere.

"Hey, Honey, how about goin' Italian tonight?"

"Yeah, let's try that new Olive Garden on Georgia! Right after we get a doppio at Starbucks."

Christina said...

You can see from the illustration we'll be getting an "Il Piacere," which is Italian for "The Pleasure." Perhaps all the displaced hookers around Quincy will have a place to hang out now.

Prince of Petworth said...

Ha! Brilliant.

oliveskinnednica said...

i love you christina

Golden Silence said...

I visited the old neighborhood yesterday (to check out Domku & Flip It) and was surprised to see that there's been little progress on that construction since I've moved (about four months ago). I would've thought a foundation would've been laid down or something.

Columbia Heights looks like it's getting there. I was pleasantly surprised to see the buildings on the southbound side of 14th now with brick and windows.

I hope all this construction gets done soon! With CH, I wish more local things would open instead of Starbucks (though I cannot wait for DC Target!).

Anonymous said...

I'll take the condos anytime over Petworth men killing each other. Check out the Memorial Day Washington Post:

A guy from the 500 block of Shepherd St NW shoots and kills at guy from the 500 block of Webster St NW at a club on the SW Waterfront. The guy from Shepherd then trains his gun on an off-duty cop who fires back, shooting the guy from Shepherd.

Who the $%#$%## is teaching these idiots that guns are the way to settle disputes?

Anonymous said...


Now his sorry %&#@* going to jail feeling sorry for himslef, wishing it never happend. The cicle continues. Just before the shooting he was enjoying freedom. Now he will take it for granted

Lets all pray for this dude and the victims family

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see where all of the Metro buses (on southbound Georgia) will be located. And if a sidewalk cafe will be located next to them.