Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday question of the day

What the heck happened at Grant Circle last night? I can report a big bang, a copter, lots of yelling and sirens etc.?


Patrick said...

check out something about a 'hollywood style' carjacking/police chase.

Prince of Petworth said...

Holy cow. Check out the video from WJLA here.

J.Con. said...

Sh*t like this will continue to happen until D.C. decides to start treating its juvenile criminals like criminals.

On a more pleasant note, Alison Starling is so hot.

Markus said...

I disagree with the woman in red's characterization of Petworth. I'm sure the tv guys took just the juiciest soundbites they could get, but the way she tells it, this stuff happens every weekend. It makes Petworth sound bad, although fortunately Petworth itself wasn't mentioned in the broadcast.

Prince of Petworth said...

Markus, I was worried about the depiction as well. But I agree with you that it was an exaggeration for the sake of tv. I decided to keep the link up though because who doesn't like a good car chase.

bill mcneal said...

yeah, the quotes from that woman were awful. Stuff like that happens every weekend? Really? High-speed chases at "120 mph" with cars flipping all over the place? Whaaaaaat?

It's good they dont' mention petworth here, but does it bother anyone else the way the television stations NEVER say which neighborhood or area of town something happened in? They just say things like "an attempted robbery in northwest." and "reporting live from northwest". Sometimes if you're lucky they'll mention a road name.

News flash tv people. Northwest is a BIG place.

Annoys the shit out of me.

Anonymous said...

I live in Northeast.

They did mention that it started at Mt. Olivet road, which is near Trinidad, which is near me.

They mention neighborhoods when they're on the 'bad side of town' (read: outside of NW).

You should count your blessings. After you've lived in DC for a while, you can figure out exactly where stuff happens, in NW, SW, NE, or SE.

Markus said...

Great statement about the positive changes in Petworth from one of my neighbors last night, who has lived in Petworth her whole life -- I've been here 40 years and never seen this many police cars at anything.