Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fire hydrant maintenance

Fire hydrant, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Looks like Petworth is getting in on the urgently needed fire hydrant maintenance issue that arose after the Georgetown library fire.


The Good Doctor said...

My son noticed a tagged hydrant on the corner of 7th and Randolph -- he's got a thing for fire hydrants, and water, and especially hydrants dripping water. Anyway, the same afternoon we noticed it, a crew from WASA had replaced the hydrant and put down new asphalt around it. This was the day after the Georgetown library fire. Pretty good turnaround, I say: score 1 for DC city services.

I noticed that the water-disgorging side of the new hydrant was pointed in towards the sidewalk. I'm usually not one to meddle or to tell anyone their job, but as a matter of public safety I asked "Don't fire hydrants usually point out towards the street?" The WASA guy said that someone was coming by later to turn it around.

This weekend, on yet another walk with the boy, I noticed that the WASA prediction had come to pass. Score 2 for DC city services.

Prince of Petworth said...

Better late than never I suppose. You may want to take your son to the fire house on Georgia Ave. so he can see the bright shiny new truck they got.