Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Central Union Mission Homeless Shelter

Central Union Mission, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So is it still coming or not? This is the homeless shelter that proposed moving to Georgia Ave. south of the metro in the Park View neighborhood. For a while I saw yellow lawn signs protesting the move. Then I heard there was a proper protest. Most of the candidates for Ward 4 were against the move as is Councilman Graham. So has anyone heard anything. Is the shelter on its way?


Anonymous said...

I know this is off the subject a bit; but there is actually another shelter moving to 1131 Spring Rd very soon (the exact timeframe is still up in the air). It's suppose to be the relocation of the La Casa Shelter from 14th and Spring. There was a meeting with Jim Graham and folks about this shelter a month ago. Since the shelter will actually lie in Ward 4 (Petworth) I think this should be a conversation Petworth folks should know about. There were about 50 people at the meeting and most of the folks were from Ward 1 (around North Col Hghts.). Overall, most of the folks at the meeting were not happy (including myself) with the city's decision. They basically were going to sneak this shelter in our neighborhood without any community input! We (Petworth/N. Col Hghts) have our work cut out for us. There are enough shelters/group homes around the Spring Rd. corridor.

Anonymous said...

This really concerns me as I am moving to that area. I haven't been able to find any recent news regarding its progress (or not). BTW, I'm new to your blog and I'm absolutely loving it. E