Thursday, May 03, 2007

Beautiful Yellow Stripe

I just have to reiterate how beautiful it is that the Yellow line now runs all the way up to Petworth during off peak hours. It is phenomenal. We must not get complacent. I think it is only on a temperary basis. We have to ensure that this becomes permanent because there are few things worse than waiting 12 minutes for the metro at 10:00 at night. Ok, there are a lot of worse things but damn I love the yellow line.


Richard said...


J.Con. said...

Ward 1 Rep. Jim Graham really led the way on getting the yellow line up to Fort Totten. He is D.C's rep. on the WMATA Board, but more pertinently, he looks out hard for Columbia Hts, Petworth's hot younger sister.
It took years of Graham's negotiating with obstinate VA reps to get this yellow line. Graham has his bad days, but he deserves serious kudos for the Yellow Line Coup.
If we can get Fenty's Backpocket, aka M. Bowser to represent us with half the bulldog-ferocity with which Graham represents Ward 1, we'll be in very good stead.

bill mcneal said...

It is a pilot project and is only funded for a year and a half or two years, i forget which. Everyone seems to think that the ridership numbers will clearly justify its existence and they'll make it permanent, but it is still just a pilot project for the time being and has no earmarked funding after that. So make sure you continue to let Graham and Bowser and WMATA know that it's immensely helpful.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Yellow Line! I work in Crystal City and let me tell you how fabulous it is to plop my groggy self down at Ft. Totten in the mornings and doze off uninterrupted by transfers for another 20 mintues of sleep before work.

It saves so much time. I've heard they want to make it permanent so we've got to let Jim Graham know what a wonderful thing the extended Yellow Line is.

bogfrog said...

Me too, the yellow line was a perfect way to get to and from the airport this weekend without any delays. It was about 25 minutes door to door -- as fast as a taxi!