Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Be warned they are coming

Petworth has many positive attributes as I have recited many a time. However, for those who are new to the neighborhood let me offer you a warning. In about 4 to 6 weeks you are about to be introduced to the most annoying creature on earth. No I am not talking about the PoP. At the end of June beginning of July the mosquitoes shall descend. I've never quite understood why, but they are particularly fierce in Petworth. So trust me, buy some bug spray. And I am not talking about any organic bug spray, I'm talking about the kind that melts your clothes if it gets in contact. Learn about Deet. Deet will become your best friend over July and August. Trust me. And don't waste your money on citronella candles, these mosquitoes simply fly around the little flame and sometimes you can actually hear them laughing at you. I've just learned Yahoo offers a mosquito forecast here. It is worthless, remember only one thing - Deet is your friend.


Pesticide-Free Petworth said...

Deet is our friend? Speak for yourself. Deet is a potent neurotoxin- studies out of Duke University have found that use of deet causes neurons in the brain to die, and negatively affects muscle strength and coordination, and can cause headaches, memory loss, and tremors. Deet causes skin irritation, and worse, it gets absorbed through the skin into the body. There have been documented cases of people getting sick from using deet. Moreover, it is especially dangerous for children to use. Deet may be your friend, but it certainly isn't mine. I'll stick with the citronella and lemon eucalyptus sprays.

Prince of Petworth said...

Does the lemon eucalyptus spray work? I'm open to anything that works unfortunately the only thing I have found to be effective is Deet.

Anonymous said...

Here's what the CDC says about Deet:
"Repellents containing DEET are very safe for adults and children when used according to directions."

Any concern about DEET needs to be weighed against the risk of West Nile.

Anonymous said...

skin so soft works! and it smells nice... even on guys. plus it looks all Iron Man if you happen to apply way too much :-)

Prince of Petworth said...

The good people from Deet respond.

Below is an email I recieved:

I'm concerned by a post to your DEET recommendations. The person who
cited the Duke studies needs to know several important things...the
studies have been questioned by many others for any number of issues,
including the fact that a small number of rats (too small for a valid
study) were exposed to a number of nerve agents (including Sarin) as
well as DEET. I would be delighted to share more information about
these studies if that person is interested in contacting me. This is
just one of the "urban legends" under whose spell this person has
fallen. The number of cases of individuals who may have been
negatively affected by DEET is incredibly small and includes two who
drank large quantities of it in order to commit suicide (they
succeeded). I say "may" have been affected because reviews of the
handful of cases over a seven year period could find NO link between
the use of DEET and the adverse events. Again, if your commentor will
contact me, I can share this information, as well! DEET has been
recommended for use on children as young as two months in
concentrations up to 30% by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They
reviewed all of the data on safety prior to making this recommendation.

Re your question on Oil of Lemon Eucalpytus, this product does work
when used according to labeling. It cannot be used on children
younger than two years of age. People who think natural oils are
superior to other approaches, including DEET, because they are
"natural" should realize that these oils are not extracted from plants
and put into containers...they are synthesized in a chemical facility,
just as DEET is. We always recommend using a product registered by
the EPA, which studies efficacy and safety for each product. Read
directions and follow them.

How do I know all this stuff? I work for the DEET Education Program
and welcome any and all inquiries. People can contact with questions and their answers will be
forthcoming in 24 hours...48 on the weekends.

Hope this helps.

Judi Anderson
Kroeger Associates

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say those little but SUPER loud mini-bikes that tend to come out in the summer, but the skeeters are pretty annoying too.

Anonymous said...

Garlic. I use garlic spray to help control them.