Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More good news coming to Upshur St.?

Construction on Upshur, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I walked by some construction just a few stores down from Domku and I have to say it looks really nice inside. You would never guess it looks that nice on the inside from just walking by. Does anyone know what it is going to be? Another restaurant perhaps?

Beauty vs. Ugliness

I'm currently reading "Sweet Thursday" by John Steinbeck and a quote of his can perhaps be applied to the old Petworth vs. new Petworth debate. He wrote:

"It is better to sit in appreciative contemplation of a world in which beauty is eternally supported on a foundation of ugliness: cut out the support and beauty will sink from sight."

Read that a few times and tell me if it applies to our debate.

Does it get any better than this?

Grant Circle May, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Taken at Grant Circle today at noon. Kind of makes you want to take the rest of the day off and have a picnic...

A beautiful gesture

A beautiful gesture, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This announcement was posted on an apartment building on New Hampshire Ave. I thought it was very touching. Clearly he was very well loved.

Similarly, I have also noticed a number of congratulatory posters for recent graduates in front of some row houses.

Just two examples demonstrating the strong community existing in Petworth.

Washington Post releases it's Local Explorer

This is fantastic. You just type in your zip code and it provides a map with restaurants, post offices, crime statistics, home sales, etc, it is very thorough. It says there is a coffee place called Vonga coffee on the 4200 block of 3rd St, NW. Has anyone been there? You can check out the site here.

New Web site on local DC politics

Jeff Steele, the brains behind, the fantastic Ward 4 Special Election Web site has started a new site on local politics citywide. If it is from Jeff you know it is going to be solid. Here is the link for State of Columbia.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Do we/I complain too much?

I was reading DCist and came across this post from their cousin site Gothamist. The post and comments debate "Old Naughty NYC Vs. Current Boring, Safe NYC". The debate seemed truly ridiculous to me. It is almost as though they are debating out of pure boredom. Or, is it a case of being careful what you wish for?

But it hit me that we here in Petworth can easily be having this debate 5 years or so from now. I can see it so clearly. Oh, Petworth was so much better before the new condos and Starbucks etc. Hell, I can even see myself saying some of these things. But it is ridiculous, right? We obviously want to live in a safe and clean community. Or do we if the price to pay is a certain disneyfication of the neighborhood? Can we have a clean and safe community without disneyfication?

Until these questions are definitively answered, rest assured I will continue to complain, no I prefer to say, I will continue to observe...

Violence strikes Petworth residents (again)

I'd like to echo a commenter who lamented the violence in our community. Two Petworth residents were involved in a shooting this weekend at the H2O nightclub in the South West Waterfront. One lived on the 500 block of Shepherd and one lived on the 500 block of Webster. The Post says "it was a neighborhood dispute that probably started before the men got to the club." Read the full report here. Tragic. But those of you who have lived in the neighborhood for a while know what this means - get ready for reprisals. It pains me to write that but it is the truth. This insanity reminds me a lot of Israeli-Palestinian violence. Once there is a shooting, then there is another one, there is always pay back. Like St. Exupery would say - it is a vicious circle. An endless cycle of violence that will not stop without providing the youth a sense of hope. Senseless violence on a weekend where we are supposed to be remembering the soldiers, sailors and marines who gave their lives for this country...tragic on so many levels.

Remember the troops

Memorial Day 2006 - Washington, DC, originally uploaded by jdcdc.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday question of the day

This is a mock up of the what the new condos being built over the Petworth metro are supposed to look like. And I am just having a very difficult time imagining it. Believe me, I hope it looks like this and with the Great Streets Initiative maybe it will but it just seems so foreign. I'm crossing my fingers.

So my question to you is: Do you really think the new condos being built over the metro are going to look like this?

Bonus question: I know there is a Mocha Hut coffee shop going in (which is sweet) but what other retail is going in or what other retail would you like to see go in?

Metro says no coffee allowed, not even on murals?

Metro mural close up, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know we have discussed the mural at the Petworth metro before but I never noticed this section. You can see it is a cup of coffee and there is a circle with a line through it. What the hell is that? Just because you can't have coffee on the metro, you can't even paint it either. WTF.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What the...

barrels, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What in the world are these barrels outside of the Petworth metro? They have been outside the metro for at least a week. Do they contain nuclear waste? Do they have dead bodies in them? Do they have socialist propaganda in them? Seriously, what the hell are these?

Reason #127 why I love Petworth

This is the only place in the world I have lived where people say hello to me on the street. I'm not even talking about neighbors but complete strangers. This is the rule not the exception. My girlfriend had a friend visiting from NY last weekend and she was amazed by how many people said hello to us on our walk to Domku. We must have said hello to at least 5 people. It is really remarkable how friendly everybody is here.

Washington Post makes gigantic error in reporting federal drug bust

The Washington Post incorrectly reported a drug bust as taking place on the 4200 block of 4th Street, NW but in reality it took place on 4th Street, SE. Jaysus. So I apologize for the below post.

The Express still has it listed as:

» PETWORTH: "Task Force Targets 4th Street Mob" [WaPo]

This is so embarassing. I count on the Post, which is one of the best newspapers in the country to have their facts straight. Again, I apologize for the confusion.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The Washington Post reports that a task force of federal and local law enforcement have arrested 9 drug dealers from a gang called the 4th Street Mob. Yeah, that's right 4th Street Mob as in 4th Street, NW as in right in the heart of lower Petworth.

The Post says: "The suspects were part of a group known as the 4th Street Mob, a long-standing drug crew that has sold multiple kilos of crack, cocaine and marijuana from its base in the 4200 block of 4th Street NW, according to police and FBI officers. The group has been "shut down for business," the law enforcement officials said."

Holy cow, the 4200 block of 4th Street is right near where I live. Yikes. Let's hope this is a debilitating blow and not merely a nuissance for these dealers.

Holy cow, I think I saw a hooker last night and a pimp too!

As I was walking back home from the metro I passed Quincy Street and saw what looked to be from straight out of a movie or bad 70s detective show. There was a woman walking who was dressed next to nothing, practically falling out, hard to explain but certainly not someone on an evening stroll. She was, I realized, a prostitute. It was as though a caricature of a prostitute was walking in front of me- barely any clothes, super high heels, etc. And I was shocked, not because it was a prostitute but because I had never seen one in Petworth before. Anyway, as I stare incredulously, I notice what I only assumed to be her pimp two steps behind her yelling at her. It wasn't screaming, more like controlled yelling. He didn't have a big fluffy hat nor goldfish in platform shoes but it was unmistakable. They kept walking at a very brisk pace east on Quincy. And I thought to myself, holy cow, that is a pimp. It was almost like seeing a celebrity in a weird way. I had never seen a pimp before. I had seen pimps on tv but never in real life. At this point I was expecting to hear the theme music from the tv show 'cops' come on, you know "bad boys, bad boys, what they gonna do...". Sorry, the point of this story is that I think I saw a prosititute and her pimp and despite my initial fascination it made me very sad. Is this a problem in Petworth? Forget the legal argument for a minute. Just focus on what clearly is a dangerous situation. Has anyone else seen this before? Or am I extremely naive?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One day we'll get one too!

But until then take a quick metro ride or a medium sized walk to the U Street farmers market starting June 2. Who knows what the status is for Petworth's farmers market?

Remember when Petworth had a small farmers market near Princeton and Georgia? Whatever happened to that one? It was a pretty weak farmers market. I think they sold one block of cheese and maybe a couple of eggs, but it was ours! Mark my words, one day we will have one that we can be proud of.

I am proud of this damn tomato

Tomato, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So how do I know when to pick it so I can get it before the squirrels do?

Myanmar = Art?

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is now ruled by a notorious dictatorship that apparently has a flourishing art scene. Who knew? But you can check it out at a small gallery on 14th Street near Q.

Monday, May 21, 2007

As I like to say: Never a Dull Moment

van on fire, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to Laurie for alerting me and sending me the photo of this van that caught fire on New Hampshire and 7th. It happened today at 5:10pm but Laurie said she could still hear a fire truck at 5:30. I wonder how the van burst in to flames like that.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Future is Now Part 2

Domku outside, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Domku has followed El Torogoz's footsteps with a lovely outdoor eating area. You can see this group of fine Petworthians are enjoying their Sunday Brunch in the sun. There are about 4 or 5 tables and it is really quite pleasant. The only drawback is that you can't hear the fantastic music that usually plays on the inside. But that is a small price to pay for fine outdoor dining.

Ward 4 represents in local housing study

The Urban Institute came out with the District of Columbia Housing Monitor: Winter 2007. Ward 4 represents in this passage:

"Of the 2,258 acres of residential property in Ward 4, 83 percent is owned by persons who live in their own homes. Two clusters in Ward 4, cluster 10 (Hawthorne/ Barnaby Woods) and cluster 16 (Colonial Village/Shepherd Park), have the highest shares of owner-occupied residential property, at 91 and 92 percent, respectively."

Creepy or Cool?

rcc cemetary statue 1, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Another wild statue from the Rock Creek Church Cemetery. Ok, it freaks me out a little bit...

Truly at rest

rcc cemetary statue 2, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Just a neat statue I saw at the rock creek church cemetery. A very nice walk if you don't mind cemeteries. There are some really amazing mausoleums. Do people still buy mausoleums?

Who is the most famous Petworthian?

Gore Vidal's tombstone, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Present company excluded, I'd have to say it will one day be Gore Vidal. I went to the Rock Creek Church Cemetery this weekend and saw his future tombstone. Fantastic writer by the by. I highly recommend 'Burr' and 'Julian'.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thank God we don't share these issues

DCist has a good post on the Shaw neighborhood and its dealings with vacant run down properties owned by Shiloh Baptist church. You can read the post here.

On a tragic note

Washington Post reports on Taylor Street shooting and tragic death of 17 year old Brittany Hall.

On a happier note

Have you noticed all the rose bushes blooming around Petworth? I have never seen so many in my life. There are a lot of green thumbs in this town. Speaking of which, I am happy to report that my first tomato is growing! Also on my walk to the metro this morning a section of NH Ave that is usually filthy was spotless. A pleasant surprise. Got to appreciate the small things!

Friday question of the day

I spoke with a neighbor yesterday and our conversation crushed me. The crushing words were "I've had enough I'm moving". She felt this way because of the recent murder on the 800 block of Taylor Street. I was devastated. This is not someone who hides in her house. This is a pillar of our community, someone who is involved in local politics and someone who contributes to the great quality of life we have here in Petworth. And she wants to move now. She is fed up and I am devastated. If people like her feel the need to move we are doomed as a community. She is the gold standard of what a neighbor should be. Now I'm not going to say I haven't felt the same way at times. As a matter of fact last Summer I saw someone shot in front of my very eyes and I was shaken to the core. I too felt like leaving town immediately. But I didn't. And why not? Because I see where this community is headed. We have so much to look forward to. I love the people of Petworth. When I walk home from work I smile at all of the familiar faces and wonderful people I see. Plus, we have restaurants, and grocery stores, and bars and lots more coming soon. But that is not all. We also have a wonderful unique community. We as a community will unite against the senseless violence we see. We are on the rise and although there will inevitably be descents, make no mistake we are a community on the rise.

So the Friday question of the day is: Have you ever been so frustrated you have thought about moving out of Petworth?

Now what do I get for that?

Rent, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Dang. Check out how much it costs to to rent in Petworth.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Petworth 1903 Part 2

Petworth 1903 big, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This photo is actually a bit bigger. Can you find your house?

Petworth 1903

Petworth 1903, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Check out this awesome map of Petworth at the turn of last century. Thanks to Susan for sending it. Any predictions of what Petworth will look like in 2053?

Kids being kids or kids screwing up their lives?

So on my flight home this evening I was reading 'Soul Circus' by George Pelecanos. He often features Petworth prominently in his books. So I came across this passage about Petworth by the protagonist named Strange:

"The school year had not quite ended, and night had fallen, but there were plenty of kids out, hanging on corners and walking the streets...Strange wondered, as he always did, what these kids were doing out so late, and he wondered about the adults who were responsible for them, why they had let them out of their sight."

Still true today? I see this all the time. It frustrates the hell out of me. Some of the kids are great but some are so out of control I don't know who can be accountable for them. It makes me very angry because I can see these kids ruining their lives. Now, I was no angel as a youth but lines were drawn and there was certainly no boozing and loitering at one in the morning on a school night. Where is the balance between normal adolescent behavior and "out of control" behavior? Who is ultimately responsible for these kids behavior?

Indulge me

John Corby, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know this is not Petworth related but I've been out of town and this photo cracked me up. This is a real promotional photo for an afternoon dj. One day I will have a mustache that sweet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Be warned they are coming

Petworth has many positive attributes as I have recited many a time. However, for those who are new to the neighborhood let me offer you a warning. In about 4 to 6 weeks you are about to be introduced to the most annoying creature on earth. No I am not talking about the PoP. At the end of June beginning of July the mosquitoes shall descend. I've never quite understood why, but they are particularly fierce in Petworth. So trust me, buy some bug spray. And I am not talking about any organic bug spray, I'm talking about the kind that melts your clothes if it gets in contact. Learn about Deet. Deet will become your best friend over July and August. Trust me. And don't waste your money on citronella candles, these mosquitoes simply fly around the little flame and sometimes you can actually hear them laughing at you. I've just learned Yahoo offers a mosquito forecast here. It is worthless, remember only one thing - Deet is your friend.

Wait a second, you've heard of Petworth?

So in case you can't tell by the lack of photos, I am on a business trip out of town. As such, I had the pleasure of dining with a colleague of mine this evening. My colleague is wonderful but is far more familiar with Georgetown than Upper NorthWest DC for sure. At any rate, we get to discussing where we live this evening. Now for many years whenever I told people I lived in Petworth they would either stare at me with a completely blank look on their face or they would feign knowledge in a very obvious way. But tonight, when I told my colleague I lived in Petworth, she said "oh yeah, that is that really cool up and coming neighborhood." Now to me that is a fantastic answer. Hell, a few years ago cab drivers would barely take me to Petworth. I understand some people may be upset at the "up and coming" part. But the fact that she even heard of Petworth, and especially in a positive light made me very happy. Have you experienced folks that you were surprised had heard of Petworth?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lawn care: Petworth style

How do you take care of your lawn? Do you hire someone to cut it? Do you own a lawnmower? Or has it been seven years and is it time to let it go fallow? Well, the other day I saw a lady mowing her entire lawn with a weedwacker. That is brutal. You know weedwackers are generally for edging or getting around areas to small for a lawnmower. But it seemed to do the job. I tend to do a combination of the above. I mow three quarters of my house with a lawnmower and let the forth side go fallow. Until Sunday that is. My neighbor has staring employing a gentleman to do her yard work and I became quite jealous. So on a lark I inquired with the gentleman how much it would cost to tend my field that had gone fallow. For 15 bucks this guy cleaned a side of my house that hadn't seen the light of day in over 4 years. I didn't even haggle he just said $15. God bless him. I can now use that side of my house as a putting green it is so clean.

Let me tell you, I thought I had seen it all. Until yesterday, I spotted a guy tending his front yard, not with a lawnmower, not with a weedwacker, not with a hired professional but with a machete! I couldn't believe it. He was trimming clumps of grass on his hands and knees with a machete. It was such a bizarre site. I wanted to take a picture but I got scared and ran away. Well, now I have seen it all as far as lawn care is concerned, unless anyone has a goat?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Proper Portrait of a Petworthian -Joe Mills III

Joe Mills, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Joe Mills exudes cool. He is the type of guy who lives the lifestyle that many people envy. He lives by his own rules. You may have seen Joe in his latest play "The Championship Season" or he may have even poured you a pint at Domku, or you may have seen him walking around town with his beautiful wife Anna and genius daughter Renata. Joe definitely sticks out in a crowd for all the right reasons.

Joe identifies himself as a theater artist. He recently finished starring in The Championship Season by Jason Miller. The Washington Post's review said "The best performance comes from Joseph A. Mills, III, who [stars] as cynical alcoholic Tom...Mill's slouching casualness makes an intriguing oracular presence of this wisecracking character... " Not too bad to be given best performance status by the Washington Post.

Joe attended Georgia Southern College where he was first introduced to theater. His freshman year dorm happened to be right next to the school theater and one day he was following a cute girl from Nebraska who walked straight into the theater. The lure of a cute girl was not strong enough to get him acting that day. But later in the year Joe took an acting class as an elective and for extra credit he could perform in a student play. So on a lark one day after rugby practice Joe decided to get his extra credit points and as luck would have it the cute girl from Nebraska was there to provide Joe with a little extra incentive. Joe got the part in 'Crossing Niagra' primarily because they needed someone strong enough to carry a guy on his shoulders for three quarters of the play. While in 'Crossing Niagra' Joe was introduced to a lot of cool people in the theater department. This experience led Joe to audition for the major school play 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe' where he landed the role of Nick. And the rest as they say is history.

I asked Joe what was his most memorable acting experience of the many plays he has been in. He is most proud of 'Fathers and Sons' by Brian Freil where he played the Father, Nikolai Petrovich Kirsanov. He cites this play because the character was so different from him that he was required to use the famous Checkov technique. The Checkov method has many components that include: the feeling of ease, the feeling of form, the feeling of beauty, the feeling of the whole, psychological gesture, imagination, concentration, improvisation, and imaginary body among others. I didn't really understand the description but Joe had such passion talking about it I wasn't surprised to learn that he is now teaching the method.

But back to Georgia Southern. In Joe's sophomore year he was unable to play football anymore (he was a linebacker) so he decided to join the United States Marine Corps reserves to pay for school. Joe describes the experience as an enlightening one. He enjoyed the physical challenges and the camaraderie the Corps provided. Unfortunately due to a back injury that should have prevented him from enlisting in the first place was discovered and he was discharged as a Lance Corporal.

After college Joe was a bike courier for 10 years in DC and New York. Being a bike courier allowed him the flexibility to pursue his acting. Similarly, that is how Joe discovered bar tending. He needed a job that provided him this flexibility. Joe happened to be sitting in Domku when he heard Kiera talking on the phone about needing a bartender and voila Joe got the job. Previously Joe had been a bar tender in Bedrock Billiards in Adams Morgan.

Before moving to Petworth Joe had lived in Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights but finally settled in Petworth in 2001. Joe wanted to get married and needed a place to move into with Anna. The house that he found in Petworth fit all the criteria. Anna wanted to be close enough to Rock Creek Park and have a back yard and Joe wanted to make sure the house was detached. When asked why, Joe replies deadpan "because I'm a musician." Yes Joe is a musician as well. He is currently recording an album and he play the bass guitar and drums and is bringing in musicians for the project. Back to Petworth.

Joe knew nothing about the neighborhood before moving in. But he immediately loved it and his house. Joe explained that when he shows people a picture of the house they don't believe it is in the city. When pressed about what he loves about Petworth, Joe immediately mentions Grant Circle. "I really love Grant Circle and the tree in the center, that tree just rocks, winter, summer, spring and fall and it is a great place to take my daughter to run around and fly a kite." he explains with his eyes ablaze with excitement at the mere thought. Joe also loves the fact that we are close enough to Howard University that on some days we can hear the marching band practice.

Joe explains that he lives on a very unique block. "7 of the 9 homes on my side of the block have changed hands", Joe said, "but almost none of the houses on the other side of the block have which means our block is really very diverse."

Joe would love to see a movie theater and all types of new restaurants in Petworth. Joe is excited that a Yes! Organic Market is coming to Georgia Avenue. He explains "it only adds to the livability of the community without having to drive to do these things. You just love where you live because everything is here." Since moving to Petworth, Joe hardly goes to Adam's Morgan anymore because Petworth is starting to see its own venues emerge such as Temperance Hall and Domku that allows Joe the comfort of staying in his own neighborhood.

Joe summed up his thoughts on Petworth: "I don't think we will ever leave Petworth, we will never sell our house, I love that house, We are in Petworth for the long haul."

It was a pleasure to introduce you to Joe Mills: Theater activist, father, husband, musician, bar tender, former Marine, former courier, and all around cool cat.

Prince of Petworth Partially Revealed

Thanks to Wayan from DC Metroblogging for the kind words. Read the post here.

House of the day

This great house on Princeton left me speechless. Pretty damn sweet. I think the picture speaks for itself...

Fire hydrant maintenance

Fire hydrant, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Looks like Petworth is getting in on the urgently needed fire hydrant maintenance issue that arose after the Georgetown library fire.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday question of the day

Does neighborhood drug dealing affect your quality of life? Obviously, there is drug dealing in Petworth and obviously it affects us when there is a shooting. But I'm asking about day to day quality of life. I know there is an open air drug market blocks from my house and I'm not happy about it. But it is usually in the evening and I don't really see anything. So how does it affect us day to day. Are these the culprits who throw trash on the ground? I've even heard rumors that drug dealers help keep neighborhoods safe because they don't want any trouble attracting the cops. Kind of like old school Italian neighborhoods filled with mafia were largely safe of street crime. Do we have the same correlation here?

Mmm Jerk Chicken

Sweet mango roofdeck, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You can almost smell the chicken looking at this photo. But one thing most people don't know about Sweet Mango Cafe is that they have a sweet roof deck. Next time enjoy your chicken outside.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

MPD Out in Full Force Tonight

So walking home from the metro tonight I encountered two of the dumbest or luckiest guys I've ever seen. For some reason MPD is out in full force at the big apartment building just north of the metro. I took a picture but I'm not publishing it because I think the cops may have been undercover. At any rate, MPD was arresting some guy when two bikers fly past screaming "F*** You Cop!". I thought that was not very prudent. Then as one of the bikers gets a block past he turns around and screams "come and get me motherF******!" Then they take off. Well, the cops were having none of it and got into their unmarked car flying up New Hampshire. I thought, these guys were toast. They being on bikes an all. Well, I continue my walk home and two blocks later the very same bikers casually pass me on New Hampshire. The bikers were bragging about not getting caught and the last word I heard was "they don't know who they are f****** with." So what's the expression, it is better to be lucky than good? It did not instill a lot of confidence in MPD though as these guys were cruising very slowly up New Hampshire at that point. But I don't like to judge...

Another tie of mine to make fun of

Tie 2, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So is this one any better?

Are these trees offensive?

These are the cherry trees that were planted in the triangle park near Grant Circle. Check out the debate here on Petworth News and here by Wayan over at Metroblogging DC.

Lower Georgia Avenue Transportation & Streetscape Project

I just got this in an email and hey they are serving refreshments as if you needed any more incentive!

Tuesday, May 22
Bruce Monroe Elementary School
3012 Georgia Avenue, NW
4 – 8 PM
Short Slideshow at 6:30 PM
This is the third and final meeting with the community to collaborate on a design that improves transportation and creates a streetscape to serve the vibrant commercial neighborhood along lower Georgia Avenue. This project covers Georgia Avenue from New Hampshire to Florida Avenues and Sherman Avenue to 4th Street NW.
Refreshments will be served.

For Additional Information Contact: Callistus Nwadike, Transportation Planner, DDOT, (202) 671-2308,,

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Condo development above Petworth metro watch

Metro condos, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So it turns out a lot of expat Petworthians keep up with the neighborhood by reading PoP and Petworth News. Today, someone requested that we update them with the condos being built above the metro. I'm not sure if the picture does it justice, but an awful lot of work has been completed. There is a very deep foundation that has been done towards the back of the picture. I have to say it is very exciting.

But I'd also like to raise a question that I was discussing with a buddy the other day. When the condos are completed and filled do you think it will change the atmosphere of Temperance Hall? I feel like it may get a bit more crowded but overall it should attract even more establishments like Temperance. Thoughts?

Upshur NH development watch

Upshur:NH watch, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So you can see the dreaded third floor has been nearly completed and as suspected it is finished with vinyl. Fortunately the vinyl matches the yellow painted brick so I have to admit it is not that bad. What do you think?

Is the metro getting more crowded at Petworth?

One of the great things about taking the metro from Petworth has been that you can always get a seat. Or you used to be able to get a seat. Is it me, or have you noticed that the trains are becoming much more crowded from 8-9 in the morning? I suppose on the one hand it is a good thing to have more riders on the Green line because maybe it will make a case to permanently extend the Yellow line. But on the other hand it was so nice to plop down in a seat and read Express while still in the early morning haze. Do you guys notice a lot more riders on the metro in the morning from Petworth or certainly Columbia Heights?

Wonderland Ballroom getting more outdoor seating?

Wonderland Ballroom, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I noticed this sign in the window of Wonderland. I wonder if this is just to renew its beer garden or if they are looking to expand outdoor seating. Anyone know what's up?

Furniture store goes out of business and is replaced by a

New Furniture store, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Furniture store. Not very creative if you ask me. Storehouse furniture went out of business on 14th Street and another furniture store opens in its place. Do you think that is a good idea or would you have preferred to see something else open up?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm knocking wood, I'm knocking wood

I can't believe I'm going to write about this but ultimately I think it is a good thing. It has been a really long time since I have heard gunshots. When I first moved in I could easily without exaggerating say that I heard gunshots at least once a month. You remember what they sound like, a distinct pop. But remember they were not the fireworks, once you hear the real sound you don't mistake them for fireworks anymore. I feel like it has been ages since I last heard any. If you ever want to hear a really scary story ask me to tell you about the last time I heard any. At any rate I think this is great. Somebody is doing something right. I hope it holds through the Summer. Have you guys noticed a decrease in gunshots in the night? Is it a trend or just a lull? Now if we could just do something about that train...

Central Union Mission Homeless Shelter

Central Union Mission, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So is it still coming or not? This is the homeless shelter that proposed moving to Georgia Ave. south of the metro in the Park View neighborhood. For a while I saw yellow lawn signs protesting the move. Then I heard there was a proper protest. Most of the candidates for Ward 4 were against the move as is Councilman Graham. So has anyone heard anything. Is the shelter on its way?

House of the day

Flags, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I love this house mostly because every time I go by it is flying different international flags. On this day they proudly flew France and Canada. Also, there is beautiful landscaping and flowers in front of the house.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The future is now

If you look at all the sketches of the new development on Georgia Ave, or the new condo developments, there are always sketches of outdoor dining. Fortunately for us in Petworth, we already have that opportunity. The amazing El Torogoz restaurant has set up a beautiful outdoor eating area. You can't tell from the picture but every post has a box at the bottom that is filled with flowers. It is fantastic. I ate there Sat. night and had delicious brazed beef, fried plantains and avocado with rice. The staff was as friendly as ever. So take advantage of the great food and great seating. And smile because if the sketches are accurate we are going to have lots more establishments offering this style in the near future.

Mmm Coffee

It is official, Columbia Heights coffee has the best tasting coffee within walking distance of Petworth. Not a bad place to sit outside and drink it either.

Another very special guest in Petworth

So Be Bus, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

On Sat. for some reason the So Be iced tea bus was parked on Illinois Ave. I didn't see any people but it seemed like it was worth a mention.

PoP Gardening Tip #1

Well, it was a beautiful weekend in Petworth for gardening. I planted a vegetable garden as well as flowers and plants. I was at it as were many others that I saw around the neighborhood. So I actually, have learned three tips. 1: Mulch is the greatest thing in the world, it instantly makes your garden/yard look great and it's cheap as hell. 2: Blood meal. What the hell is that? Well, apparently it keeps the squirrels away and that is good enough explanation for me. You can find it at Home Depot or any gardening store. 3: invite friends over to help, it is fun and if you don't know what you are doing, like me, you can learn a lot. So I guess I really shouldn't be giving tips out. Do you guys have any?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Tell me if I'm crazy. A Coincidence?

Raw Fisher, which I love, has a new feature called "The Random Friday Question". Am I stepping out of bounds in saying that is quite a coincidence? Check it out here.

Friday question of the day

What the heck happened at Grant Circle last night? I can report a big bang, a copter, lots of yelling and sirens etc.?

Coming soon to a street near you

Mini bike, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

As many in the neighborhood know, as soon as it warms up these damn mini bikes come out and terrorize the neighborhood. They zip up and down the block often going the wrong way on one way streets. I'm not looking forward to it.

But damn, this is the sweetest mini bike I've ever seen. Makes me want to take it for a ride...

I hope this doesn't catch on

Sign trend, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Now I support schools for sure. I even support Public Charter Schools. But just when the election ends and all the yard signs are supposed to be taken down it looks like a new set of signs is sprouting in the neighborhood. I hope this doesn't become a trend. Incidentally, I'm looking to sell my unwanted vehicle does anyone know where I can get cash for it?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Petworth gets VIP guest today

Apparently, President Bush gave a speech in Petworth today about immigration. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Anyone see the motorcade?

Intentionally Ironic?

graffiti near metro, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Some graffiti just north of the Petworth metro.

Planes, trains and automobiles, sort of

Last night was warm and since I am of the old school I don't have central air. Therefore, I keep the window open which is usually pretty good since these houses have good air flow. Anyway, this is a preface to say that I swear a helicopter almost hit my house last night. I'm exagerating. But I am very familiar with the slow police search choppers and the medvac choppers but this was something else. It felt so close I thought my roof was going to rip off. Anyone else experience some crazy helicopter last night? Then if the night couldn't get any wierder I swear I heard a train blowing its whistle multiple times. Is there a train even near Petworth? I have been hit in the head a lot and I did have a few beers so maybe I just had a bizarre dream...

Mmm, wine

De Vinos, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is De Vinos in Adams Morgan. It's owner is opening up a store called D'Vines in Columbia Heights soon. So, I imagine it is going to look something like this. Nice.

PoP television viewing tip #1

When encountering women's professional bowling on tv don't necessarily change the channel. I hadn't seen Wendy MacPherson bowl in many years but she hasn't lost a step. Very compelling stuff.

Reason #117 why I love Petworth

Laundry drying, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There is something that brings you back to an idyllc small town when you see laundry drying in the fresh spring air.

Beautiful Yellow Stripe

I just have to reiterate how beautiful it is that the Yellow line now runs all the way up to Petworth during off peak hours. It is phenomenal. We must not get complacent. I think it is only on a temperary basis. We have to ensure that this becomes permanent because there are few things worse than waiting 12 minutes for the metro at 10:00 at night. Ok, there are a lot of worse things but damn I love the yellow line.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Skyscrapers in the Old Soldiers and Sailors Home?

The Washington Post has a provacative article questioning DC's building height restrictions. The article details a Brookings scholar's claim that the only way to rememdy DC's space crunch in the future is to build higher. Obviously we are not talking about tomorrow but in 20 years this could be a real issue. I could imagine skyscrapers looming over Petworth in newly redeveloped areas of the Old Soldier's Home some day. Interesting factoid revealed from the article: DC's current height restrictions are not based on the height of the Washington Monument or the Capitol Building, rather it was born out of protests when the 160 foot Cairo apartment building was built in 1894. What do you think about height restrictions? Will it change the character of Petworth or DC as a whole? I'm intrigued by this topic are you?

While we are on the subject of coffee

Mayorga Lounge, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I like what one commenter posted below suggesting that choice is good. I really think that is a brilliant if succinct comment. And speaking of choice, Mayorga Lounge in Columbia Heights near the Giant grocery is super cool. It has two levels and everything that you can ask for. I still love Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th Street but it is nice to have choice especially when it is crowded there. But they are both great places to get a cup of joe and hang out. And hopefully we will get lots of choices like this in Petworth too. Ok maybe not lots of choices but at least a few choices. Has anyone else tried Mayorga yet? Thumbs up or down?

More signs than voters

Election scene, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But it sure was a beautiful day to vote.

No Passing Out

No Passing Out, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I saw this sign at Cardoza High School where I watched the El Salvadoran League soccer match. Just to show you where my mind is, when I read #6, I thought that is crazy who passes out drunk at a high school sporting event? But I get it now, that was a close one.

Fox News Unoffically Reports Muriel Bowser Wins Ward 4 Special Election

I just saw this at 10:09 on Fox 5 news. Congratulations Muriel Bowser on your victorty. Now we must all come together to support her in her endeavors to make Ward 4 great. More to come when I get an official announcement.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Washington City Paper is alleging Special Election Dirty Tricks, or is it?

Apparently, there may be some fraudelent Muriel Bowser literature being handed out saying she is #15 on the ballot, which is actually Renee Bowser. The question is, is this an error or outright fraud? City Paper has a picture of it, read it here.

Your vote counts

Please remember to vote May 1st!

Good news and bad news

Temperance back deck, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Unfortunately Temperance Hall doesn't have HBO so they will not be able to show the Sopranos Sunday evening. The good news is that they have a phenomenal back deck that should be taken advantage of with this great weather we've been having.

House of the day New Orleans style

Looks like they'll be able to throw beads on Mardi Gras.

Reason number 92 why I love Petworth

I had a chat yesterday with a woman who lives around the corner and a few blocks down from me. We had never met before yet we talked for about 1/2 an hour about how squirrels are digging up our flowers. She was about 60 and had a delightful carribean accent. We concluded that cayene pepper should probably do the trick.