Friday, April 27, 2007

What exactly is fast food?

The Washington Post reports that there is a debate going on in H Street about what actually constitutes a fast food restaurant. Very interesting stuff. We've had our only little debate about Fast Food right over at PoP. Interesting to note that city has a flexible defintion of a fast food restaurant. H St, NE and Petworth are facing some similiar development issues so I thought it may be of interest.


capitolG said...

Its not fast food.
Its good food ,quickly.

Rich said...

Fast food is an oxymoron. Ask a Jew on Yom Kippur or a Muslim during Ramadan.

Anonymous said...

fast food is seen as good for a neighborhood when it is fresh picked strawberries, corn on the cob, a piece of cheese on fresh bread, and nice things like that--generally good for you, not processed, encourage healthy eating.

fast food is seen as bad for a neighborhood when it comes in a wrapper, or is in a locale where orange is a predominant color, or where most of the ingredients are processed and not recognizable as natural forms (where is the nugget on a chicken?).

That's why a really great local little taqueria shouldn't count as fast food (no wrapper, identifiable ingredients), while taco bell (which I love, but hey, call a spade a spade) does...

Another thing I've noticed is just how darn EXPENSIVE so called cheap fast food is!