Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have you seen Columbia Heights lately?

Also submitted by Susan.


K said...

14th Street is going to be a nightmare when the Target and TJMaxx are completed. The traffic is already hellish enough as it is.

BTW PoP you should do a story about that little Ethiopian grocery across from the Georgia Ave-Petworth metro. That place is a godsend for hustlin' graduate students like myself. It's a fine establishment to stock up on little debbie snack cakes, 99 cent ginger ale and Utz chips. Mmmmm mmmm

J.Con said...

PoP--Have you ridden any of the PW's buslines? The 66, 62, 64, 60, 70 or 71? There's so much banter about the metro, but no discourse about the bus.
I'm quite excited about the new GA Ave Express bus.
I'm a longtime bus believer and prefer it to the metro.

Prince of Petworth said...

J.con, I'm not a big bus rider but thanks for the idea I will explore it in a future post.