Friday, April 13, 2007

The elusive Ivory-billed Woodpecker spotted in Petworth

For birders, the ivory-billed woodpecker is like the holy grail of bird watching. The chances of seeing one of these birds is about as likely as hitting the Powerball. So, as I was walking home from the metro last night, my heart skipped a beat and I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Could I possibly be this lucky? From about 1/4 mile away I spotted our own Ivory-billed woodpecker, this particular creature was lightning fast, he didn't stay in one spot and was way too fast for me to snap a picture. I was indeed very lucky for I had spotted an MPD police officer walking the beat. So stay on your toes fellow Petworthians, for you too can spot this elusive creature. Snap a photo and send it to me. Good luck.


bill mcneal said...

A few things: a) I moved to DC from Arkansas where I lived during the woodpecker hubbub. And it was most definitely a hubbub (or perhaps a ruckus). b) Listen to the song "The Lord God Bird" by Sufjan Stevens. I think he was commissioned to write a song about the bird by NPR and this was the result. c) I still haven't seen a beat cop in my hood.

The other thing I wish for: I live right around the corner from the 14th Street CH fire station. And while having a belgian brew on 8th Street near E. Market on the Hill, I walked by their fire department which was sandwiched in between bars and restaurants. All of the firemen had their big door open and were sitting on the sidewalk in office chairs they had rolled out there. I'd love to see that sort of engagement with our fire station down the road. The only time I've ever seen the firemen at the station is in a truck coming or going. Other than that, doors are closed, dudes are hidden.

Ever see your firemen in Petworth?

Prince of Petworth said...

I just went to the Firehouse on Georgia Ave. and they were great. Since I live much further south from the station near the Petworth metro I don't see them too often but when I do they are super nice. By the by I just read your post on your walk home to CH which was hilarious.

bill mcneal said...

I should do a post about what I saw in Petworth walking home....although I don't live far from being considered "Petworth", I don't walk up that way very much and don't get to see it very often. While the walk was hellish, I loved the sights of Petworth after midnight. It was oh so quiet and peaceful, and felt so homey and friendly.