Monday, April 30, 2007

A Good Thing?

Starbucks coming, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I spotted this sign in Columbia Heights touting a Starbucks on the way. It got me thinking about Petworth. When I first moved to Petworth, I thought, gosh it would be fanastic to have a Starbucks of our own. Now, I am begining to wonder. I had the opportunity to speak to the owner of 'Blessed 7-9' on the corner of Shepherd and 5th. I posted a photo of his new sign a few posts below. At anyrate he was a really super nice guy. I asked him if he could stock 2% milk and without hesitating he said "yeah, no problem". Then I told him I liked his new sign and he was thrilled. He insisted that I try a cup of his coffee. And I have to tell you, it was delicious. I thought it was going to be horrible and stale but I couldn't have been more wrong. It was fantastic and only $1.25. Which brings me back to Starbucks. It would be a shame if we got a Starbucks and it hurt our very hard working local business people. It is a debate I'm having. Would it hurt Domku? So what are your thoughts - would you like to see a Starbucks in Petworth?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Beautiful Game

Soccer match, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I started my day sorely dissapointed because my tennis match had fallen through and it was such a beautiful day. So I decided to take another walkabout. What a great decision that was. I encountered another beautiful DC phenomena. There are a series of "semi-pro" soccer matches that take place all over the city. I was stumbling along 13th Street when I ran into this one at Cardoza High School on 13th and Florida, NW. Now, I love soccer but this, like the papuseria, was like visiting another country. I had encountered an El Salvadorian soccer league. There is a $5 dollar entry fee but the kind gentleman allowed me to enter without charge. He must have been fan of PoP. At any rate this league features 16 teams and they play every Sunday at Cardoza. Which is fitting because they certainly weren't Olympique de Marseille. But they did have an awful lot of heart. Plus there were two refs to make it very professional. The match that I saw pitted River vs Alianza. Spanish was spoken freely and there was also El Salvadorian delicacies available for purchase. Once again, it was like entering another country and it was fantastic. The players come from all over DC and I'd say there were about 100 people viewing the game from the stands. I saw more injuries than beautiful passes but there were moments of brilliance for sure. So if you like soccer or are just looking for something new to do I can guarantee you this is worth $5. And in the end River defeated Alianza 1-0.

Check out this fantastic voter guide

Ward 4 Special Election website has put out a terrific guide on the upcoming election. This website has been nothing less of spectacular, it is absolutely worth checking out. Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!

A Note of Explanation

I would to take this opportunity just to explain the purpose of this blog. I love Petworth and I love Washington DC. Sure, I have complaints but overall I think we live in the greatest city and the greatest neighborhood within that city. I have lived in DC for 10 years and 4 of those have been in Petworth. I say that, because I understand the geography of DC. Some people have written to complain that I have remarked on areas outside of Petworth. That is true. But I'd like to explain it this way: the Marines, I believe, have a saying, God, Country, Corps. Those are things that they are most honored to serve. And I have my own, Washington DC, NorthWest DC, and Petworth. That is who is I seek to serve. The whole purpose of this blog is to share my love of those three things. Of course, Petworth will take up the bulk of posts but that doesn't mean I have restricted myself only to cover Petworth. I love this city. And I love Petworth. And every year I find more reasons to love both. And I will continue to do so. So understand that I know the geography of DC probably better than most. If I remark on a neighborhood outside of Petworth, I am aware of this fact. Some people like to bust my chops, and often I need my chops busted. As a matter of fact, a blog has sprung up whose sole purpose is to make fun of this blog. And that is cool. I am flattered. But for this blog, I have a few rules. One is that pure hatred will not be tolerated. That is not to say that debate is discouraged. On the contrary debate is good. And because we live in such a diverse community, diverse in politics, opinions as well as diverse in race- no doubt people will disagree with one another. That is cool. But realize we are representing this community to the outside as well. For some reason I have readers, in Germany, Japan, California, NY etc. We should recognize that we are a major voice of this community. Again, pure stupidity and hatred will not be tolerated. And let us remember that it is diversity that makes this community great. I have said it before, but it is the combination of old time residents, new residents, residents originally from other countries that make us so special. We must embrace this diversity because without it, we are simply ordinary.

Friday, April 27, 2007

What exactly is fast food?

The Washington Post reports that there is a debate going on in H Street about what actually constitutes a fast food restaurant. Very interesting stuff. We've had our only little debate about Fast Food right over at PoP. Interesting to note that city has a flexible defintion of a fast food restaurant. H St, NE and Petworth are facing some similiar development issues so I thought it may be of interest.

Like Cheese?

While not in Petworth you can get to it on the Green line and I've heard such great things, I thought I'd mention it here too. Gallery Place Living has just posted that Cow Girl Creamery on 9th street has some excellent cheese tasting deals.

Friday question of the day

Is it ok to park your car in your backyard if you don't have a driveway? I.E. is it ok to park your car on the grass in your backyard? Personally, I don't see why it is necessary here in Petworth because there is so much street parking. What do you guys think?

Luxury Lock-up?

Here is a picture of some beautiful newish condos in Columbia Heights. It looks great except for one detail. Check out the door. It looks like a door from a county jail and I know because I've been in a county jail...

I'm really not that bad

So last night I went out looking for good Petworthians to profile because I hadn't done a profile in a while. So I saw this nice couple at Temperance Hall. I asked them if they were familiar with PoP. And to my surprise the women said "yes, you are the one who carries a gun in his pocket." I was shocked because she was referencing a really old post when the only people who read this blog were my mother and some crazy guy. For the record, I do not carry a gun. She got that idea from this post. Anyway, I assured her that I didn't carry a gun. So I asked if I could do a profile of them but they declined saying they were shy. However, an interesting thing they did tell me was that they were both defense attorneys. Unfortunately, the woman left me with these parting words about my post "we wouldn't defend you."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mandatory reading

Petworth News has just done a phenomenal job of covering the last Georgia Ave. 'Great Streets' meeting. He has done a really thorough overview. You can read the full article here. I am most excited about:

"I learned just yesterday that neighborhood developer LaKritz Adler has succeeded - after what was apparently a grueling process - in getting the Murrell Building under contract. They are planning a renovation of the building to be completed later this year. Robb LaKritz says their plans are to open a new, vibrant neighborhood business on the ground floor consistent with the renderings and sketches being proposed by the Great Streets plan."

Washington City Paper endorses Charles Gaither

You can read the post here.

Buy Energy Saving Appliances, Save Money

A friend sent me this link to get a refund on energy saving appliances. Pretty cool. Maybe I can finally get that new washer/dryer I've been pining for...

Paris or Petworth?

Bicycle Petworth, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Every since the weather warmed up there has been a ton of bike riders out and about in Petworth. This is probably the best bicycle I've seen, a super sweet basket, no?

Another plug for Temperance Hall

Sports Temperance Hall, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I have to say Temperance Hall continues to impress. Last Sunday they had Uefa Cup coverage on the tv and tonight they had the Rangers game. Fantastic. A great place to have a grilled cheese, listen to drive by truckers and watch some sports.

Too Beautiful

Wonderland outdoors, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Wonderland Ballroom's outdoor lounge area is among the coolest in the city by far. Makes you want to down a pint doesn't it?

Remember when Balkan had a negative connotation

Balkan Dance Party, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Tonight Wonderland Ballroom features a Balkan Dance party. How cool is that?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breaking News: Never a Dull Moment

Car Crash, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

At approximately 11:00 p.m. Tuesday evening an apparent drunk driver came barreling down 4th St, NW the wrong way on a one way street and smashed into two cars. It appears no one was hurt although there was extensive damage done to one car and minor damage to another. Apparent drunk driver driving the wrong way on a one way street, it's a miracle nobody was seriously hurt. The car ended up on the corner of 4th and Taylor NW after the driver apparently blew his engine trying to flee the scene. I'm telling you when the temperature reaches 80 degrees crazy things start happening. Again, thank God no one was hurt.

One fire truck, one amblance, one police cruiser and many responders were on the scene within minutes to their credit. And another thing that makes Petworth great: the neighbors resonded in full force. Almost no one on the block remained in their homes. Everyone came outside to make sure no one was hurt and to support those whose cars were damaged. Petworth is by far one of the most cohesive neighborhoods I have ever lived in especially in times of trouble. Everyone is always looking out for their neighbors.

1984 or a good thing?

CCTV, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well I've seen two CCTV's around Petworth so far. One is near the metro and one is by Shepherd and 4th St. So far I believe they are a good thing. For one, I know by Shepherd and 4th there have been numerous shootings in the past. Remember 3 or 4 years ago when the little girl was shot on her porch in a drive by? Well that was around Shepherd and 4th. So if it helps deter those shootings I'm all for it. But where does the slippery slope begin? I certainly wouldn't want one on every corner. What are your thoughts?

Another Hipster Spotted at Petworth Metro

Speaking of hipsters, check out this interesting article about what hipsters are drinking in Brooklyn. I think it would work splendidly in Petworth as well.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

House of the Day Rock Creek Church

Well, the awesome tree in full bloom initially got my attention to warrant house of the day status. It is a really nice corner house with a beautiful porch. I like the wind chimes too. Looks like a lovely place to read the paper with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Get Ready to Rock Red Rocks Pizza

Red Rocks Pizza, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You can see the pizza joint at 11th and Park is coming along very nicely. The patio looks terrific and I understand there will be patio seating when Red Rocks opens. As I walked by I had no problem imagining myself sitting there eating a slice a pizza before heading down the street to Wonderland Ballroom. I am wiping a tear from my eye, I am so happy at the prospect.

Not quite as ambitious as 7-11 but I'll take it!

Thanks to Gillian for alerting me to the snazzy new sign at the bodega on 5th and Shepherd. There is also a new sign for an atm machine. Good to know. Plus now you can get coffee there if you need your fix in a hurry.

Reason number 76 why I love Petworth

I was walking home from work today and said hello to a neighbor who was relaxing on her porch. Well, she invited me over for wine and cheese to enjoy the great weather. In the almost 6 years I lived in Cleveland Park, not once was I invited to a neighbor's house or apartment for that matter. God bless Petworth, our porches and our neighbors.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I see a red house and I want to paint it yellow

sung to the tune of Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones of course. Well, you can see the development at Upshur and NH remains, well remains uh interesting. They have decided to paint the brick yellow although maybe that is just a primer. But I thought for sure there was still brick work yet to be completed. I'm dying to see how this thing turns out.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'd like to apologize to Washington Post's Express

I was just told that the post two below where I say Express was influenced by PoP is ridiculous. The actually quote was that "I was getting too big for my britches." Well, I am human and known to err but I also apologize when in the wrong. So Express, I'm sorry and I look forward to reading more great stories.

PoP dining tip #1

When ordering a bowl of tomato soup make sure it is indeed tomato soup and not a bowl of marinara before consuming.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Washington Post's Express strongly influenced by PoP

Check out this post on authentic eats in Columbia Heights. It looks strikingly like my post "Have you ever been to El Salvador". Well, the more press for Columbia Heights and Petworth the better!

Bonus question of the day

A reader sparked my interest on this one. Does anyone ride the bus? I've always been a devoted metro rider but now that there is new express bus service on Georgia Ave. I find the idea intriguing. So tell me, do you ride the bus? Is it faster than metro? Do people stare at you and smell badly? Rumors I have heard. So tell me the truth, please.

I wish I used curse words on this blog

Upshur grafitti, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The poor people at habitat for humanity have to put up with so much. They were one of the few businesses to move to Upshur St. and they are continually rewarded with grafitti. Insert a very long string of explicatives here. Let's hope they catch this thug soon.

Incidentally, not using curse words is pretty funny because I curse all the time in real life. Yet I seem to have taken on a more polite blog personality. How bizarre.

Friday question of the day

Have you decided who you are going to vote for in the special election? You don't have to tell me for whom, I'm just interested if people have made up their minds yet. I know I haven't. Part 2: Have you been influenced by the Post's endorsement or any other endorsements for that matter?

For sale or for rent?

For sale or for rent?, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well, which is it? I certainly have noticed a lot more for rent signs since the market has softened. I think one of things that makes Petworth great is that so many of the homes are owner occupied and that people take pride in where they live. I'm sure there are some very good home renters out there but I have to admit all the for rent signs make me a bit nervous.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Washington Post Screws up Big Time

For those of you who get the Post's print edition, check out the District Extra section. On page 20 they swap Muriel and Renee Bowser's pictures. So the picture of Muriel is Renee and vice versa. I don't know how that will effect the election but damn that is a pretty horrible error. I wonder if they really meant to endorse Renee on Sunday but mixed that up too?

Get ready to get your play on

Great photo of the playground construction on Taylor St. from Susan. Obviously it is a few weeks old but do you think it will be ready by Summer?

If you thought your house was expensive

Check out this one on Craig's list housing for sale in Petworth.



Food to accompany your chick flick or foreign film or news channel 8viewing

Good takeout option, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For Christina: My girlfriend loves Dannie's takeout. Granted she loves takeout chinese food more than anyone I've ever met, but I can vouch for it too. Good garlic chicken. Anyone have other favorite delivery places? More to come...but in the meantime you can check out the list on Petworth DC here. Just scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a list of delivery places.

Our favorite bodega?

Our favorite bodega?, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For K. Bonus points if someone can translate that sign above the guiness ad. This is the bodega across the street from the metro. It gets a demerit from me because the cashier is behind bullet proof glass which always makes me feel uncomfortable. But bonus points for Western Union service. Who knew?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Petworth will continue to represent!

Thanks everyone for your great comments and emails about PoP. Rest assured PoP is going to remain all Petworth all the time. However, I will also include interesting thoughts and encounters from my walkabouts. If I can reach them by foot then surely they will effect Petworth as well. But the consensus is clear. Petworth is king and will remain so on PoP.

I could possibly be the biggest jackass of all time

To see why check out my post down below titled "A little too much information". I swear I was serious. Then check out the comment.

The Petworth that we know and love

Row Houses Petworth, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A great shot of a typical street in Petworth by Susan. As will become clear she is a way better photographer than I am so expect to see more shots from her in the future.

Have you seen Columbia Heights lately?

Also submitted by Susan.

Good Food is good

Park View Restaurant, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This fantastic picture was taken by fellow Petworthian, Susan. It is a restaurant on Georgia Ave, a bit south of the metro.

A little bit too much information

Check out this ad on on craig's list for housing to share in Petworth. I feel a little bad about this but why does one mention one's appearance in a housing share ad? It just seems a bit odd to me. Female Prof. I get, but husky? What does husky have to do with anything?

F prof. and husky looking for roommate (prefer professional, 30s +) to
share half a spacious rowhouse. You would get your own bedroom and den
(partially furnished, if desired) and share kitchen, living room,
dining room, 1 1/2 baths, washer & dryer, yard, ample storage space.

Monday, April 16, 2007

PoP 6 month review

Well, I am happy to note that Prince of Petworth has been up and running for 6 months. It has been great. It has gained a devoted following and often gets linked on the Washington Post Express, Wonkette and other sites. I owe its success to you the readers. We are mostly a respectful group and as you have seen we touch upon controversial issues from time to time without degrading into curses and hate. This is good and this is what seperates us from many other neighborhood sites. I read a lot of neighborhood sites and many of them are quite good but I can assure you that our community is among the best in the City. Nevertheless, I would like to make the site better so please take a few moments and let me know your thoughts.

Would you like to see more Real estate coverage?

More Political posts?

More crime/public safety posts?

More meet your neighbor posts?

More restaurant/bar/cafe reviews?

More/less photography?

More links to other local and DC news?

More of my own witty/inane observations?

Other types of posts?

Also, I am looking to expand coverage. I love Petworth and that will continue to be the major focus but I'd like to expand coverage to Columbia Heights, U Street, Logan Circle, and others. Would covering these nearby neighborhoods be of interest? Are there other neighborhoods you'd like to see covered.

Thanks very much for any advice you can give. Please post a comment or email me directly at

To know fear is to know this dog

Scary dog, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For those who live in south Petworth, perhaps you have met this dog before. Now I realize this picture does the dog no justice but I was terrified, sprinting away from this 4 legged menace. Let me assure you this dog is pure muscle and he knows it. Now I know there are lot of dog enthusiasts who read this blog so I'll tell you perhaps this is a nice dog but be careful walking on the sidewalk near his house. You can see the fence is all of 2 foot high and this dog lunges at if you are anywhere in a 50 foot radius of it. I was waiting for this moment which comes every Spring. The dog is let out in its yard and when you walk down Taylor St. near NH it let's you know who's boss. I fully concede he is the boss. I concede nearly twice a day from Spring until Winter but he refuses to accept my surrender. I can't explain how terrifying it is. The dog lunges at the fence barks like crazy and every time I think: ok, so this is how I'm going to die, I've lived a good life, I guess I always wanted to travel to China and have children, well not in China but, I'm getting off track here. I hate this fricking dog!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Have you ever been to El Salvador?

El Salvador in CH, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

One of the greatest things about living in Petworth is its location and diversity. Well, this Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a Pupeseria for the first time. A mere 15 minute walk from my house in Petworth transported me hundreds of miles to El Salvador. There was no english being spoken, there was soccer on tv, and the jukebox was blaring what I can only imagine to be classic El Salvadorian ballads. It was phenomenal.

I should tell you this is a little more casual than El Limeno but a great place for a snack or lunch. Even my bottle of coca cola was imported from El Salvador. While my girlfriend and I had delicious pupesas, the folks sitting next to us had a huge soup with lots of crabs that looked delicious. So if you are up for a little adventure or you just feel like getting out of the District for a few hours head to 14th street in Columbia Heights and you'll be transported to Central America instantanenously. And don't worry if your Spanish is a little rusty the staff was exceedingly friendly. Also when you leave check out the new dance studio, you can see the dancers practicing in the huge windows out front.

House of the Day

House of the Day is located just off off Grant Circle. You may ask, what is so special about this house? Well, it has an awesome wheelbarrow as part of the landscaping on the right hand side. Pretty sweet.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Am I a racist?

This comment just came in under the post I did on luxury cars in Petworth:

Anonymous said...
You are not crazy. You are racist. You are attempting to put your suburban "sensible" values on Black people, yes, I said it. I'm sure that you have every best intention in creating an informative blog about "your neighborhood", yet you fail to realize that "...our beloved Petworth" was a stable place to live long before you were born.

I know, you did not say Black in your Blog... you said everything but that... but if you had any understanding of Black American Culture, you would realize how ignorant your whiny little questions are.

So here goes with your cultural lesson:

Black folks have always liked and prized our automobiles. It is a status that goes back to early memory of my 45 years. Cadillacs, Lincolns', and all other luxury cars that most other American's consume. Much of it is a reaction to having a dignity and respect that was denied to us for many generations. If we could not live in the finest neighborhood (denied by covenants and redlining from reputable financial institutions) then we could drive nice cars. It is a matter of pride and respect, things that have come easily to you.

Black people are culturally different than white people, though our DNA make-up is 99.9% the same, we have been shaped very differently by the cultures we live in. I am sure that if you dig deep into your history you will see this... remember all the Black people that came to your house for dinner when you were growing up? Right.

So now you find yourselve immersed in a "culture" that you have no understanding of. "...our beloved Petworth", really, give me a break. Face it, though you, like I, paid big bucks to live here, we moved into a metropolitan area that is primarily African-American. Not only did you move to a city, but you moved to a Black neighborhood... why? Because it was all you could afford. If you could have afforded to move to Friendship Heights you would have. And if you did live in Friendship Heights, I doubt you would be questioning whether your neighbors leased or owned their cars. What business is that of yours anyway?

Hipsters, and such take note: Petworth was fine before you came here. It does not need your revitalization. Most people here do not consider their houses as investments, they are the places where they have lived. You have brought in your values and attempted to push them on the majority of this culture... shame on you. I doubt that you even talk to your neighbors... just blog about it... blah, blah, blah?

Friday question of the day

If you won a million dollars would you still live in Petworth? Remember we are talking a million dollars not 50 million.

The elusive Ivory-billed Woodpecker spotted in Petworth

For birders, the ivory-billed woodpecker is like the holy grail of bird watching. The chances of seeing one of these birds is about as likely as hitting the Powerball. So, as I was walking home from the metro last night, my heart skipped a beat and I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Could I possibly be this lucky? From about 1/4 mile away I spotted our own Ivory-billed woodpecker, this particular creature was lightning fast, he didn't stay in one spot and was way too fast for me to snap a picture. I was indeed very lucky for I had spotted an MPD police officer walking the beat. So stay on your toes fellow Petworthians, for you too can spot this elusive creature. Snap a photo and send it to me. Good luck.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Examine this advertisement closely

new condos, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

So this is an ad at the U Street metro advertising the new condos in Columbia Heights and Petworth. What I'd like you to focus on is the mock up drawings on the right. How are they luring customers? See the answer below.

Close up picture of the above condo ad

Corner bookstore, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

See even the developers of the new condos in Columbia Heights envision a bookstore. Now we just need to make it from a vision to a reality. Any ideas on how to make that happen?

"You looking for the crazy white boy's party?"

About three years ago I had lived in Petworth for a year and was going through a very rough personal time. During this tough time I would sit on my porch blasting Bob Dylan almost every evening. And when I say evening I mean into the early morning sometimes until 3 or 4 am, sleep was very tough to come by. So I along with my friends decided to throw a gigantic bash to get my mind off things. This party started at noon and was epic. Three kegs, horseshoes, bbq, very good music, and lots of people. So a buddy of mine had never been to my house before and parks down the street. Now, thankfully things have gotten a bit better but at this time there were, er...let's just call them street entrepreneurs. So my buddy is looking all over the place for my house and can't find it because he is a block away. So he's walking around looking very lost and the street entrepreneurs approach him. Very adamantly, they say to him: "You looking for the crazy white boy's party? It's right up the street on the left!" True story. I guess you never know who's watching your back.

I'd still rather have a book store

Storefront Church, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is a storefront church located on Upshur near Domku. You won't mistake it for the National Cathedral anytime soon. Anyone familiar with this one? Do they have such a small following or did they break from a bigger church?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mmm, pastries

Thanks to Golden Silence for the heads up about a new(ish) bakery in Petworth. The Washington CityPaper has a review of Flip It Bakery & Deli, 4532 Georgia Ave. NW. I haven't been there yet but it looks delicious.

Photo of the week

Photo of the week, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I'm starting a new feature called "photo of the week". I will pick the best, you guessed it, photo of the week submitted by a PoP reader. This week features a blooming tree with snow captured in the budding flowers. It is was taken by one of my excellent new neighbors, Bobbie.

If you would like to submit a photo please email me at

A comment from Ward 4 Candidate Charles Gaither

Since I am only one person and have had trouble interviewing all the candidates, I will certainly include statements from those I have been unable to interview in person.

"My name is Charles Gaither. I am a candidate for the Ward 4 City Council Election on May 1st.

I happen to be a native of Washington DC. I grew up in Shepherd Park and have lived in Petworth and now in Brightwood with my wife.

I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and from UDC with a degree in Urban Studies. I have tutored, mentored and volunteered in many capacities in the school system.

I have also provided constituent services for Ward 4 residents as an outreach coordinator in the Mayor's Office, I have served as an Education Specialist for the Board of Education, and I also been employed by the Chief of Police to do outreach for the District of Columbia.

Additionally, I have been elected to serve on The local Democratic Party for 4 consecutive terms (1992, 1996, 2000 & 2004) in Ward 4. I also served the Party as the Executive Director in 1993 and 1994.

I have been committed to public service since 1981 when I participated in a high school service project where I tutored weekly at Takoma Elementary School.

I have been reading this blog for the past few weeks and felt compelled to make you aware of my candidacy and my record.

Unlike some of the other well-funded campaigns, I do not have the means to produce and pay for expensive camapaign materials and a bevy of consultants. I am relying on a few friends and neighbors that recognize my past and believe as I do in a responsible and good government that provides support and services to all residents of the Ward.

Please visit my site at:

email or call me at: and/or 202-306-9867 (cell)

I am committed to Ward 4 and would very much like to have your consideration for May 1st.

Also know that I am campaigning full time so I do have time to visit with you to hear your issues, concerns and figure out a way to implement solutions.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If you are what you drive, I'm screwed

Hummers, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is going to be a controversial post so brace yourselves.

I come from a long line of sensible car owners. My parents drive a sensible car, my brother drives a sensible car and I too drive a sensible car. By sensible I mean used and Japanese with really good gas mileage. Now earlier I wrote about the penchant for washing cars in Petworth. Now I'd like to take it one step further.

As you can see in the picture above, it looks like a Hummer has given birth to a baby Hummer. Well, I see these cars all the time in Petworth. I also see Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac and all the finest automobiles on the road. My question is: why? We all know that Petworth is a working/middle class sanctuary in Northwest DC. Frankly, the cars just don't fit. So, I get it - this is an image thing. But sometimes these cars are parked in front of houses that to put it mildly can use a lot of work. So does it really make sense to need a new roof and have a Bentley parked out front? I'm aware this is America and it is our choice to do as we please. And thank God for that. But it makes me wonder: are these cars being purchased or leased? Is this the wisest use of money for a middle class neighborhood. Does it spiral into a "keeping up with the Joneses"? To me it just doesn't make any sense. Does it trickle down into children wanting the most expensive clothes just for image. I'm not saying drive a Pinto and wear rags but be sensible. What is the lesson for the children?

Sure if you are wealthy and doing fine and paying your bills and saving for retirement etc buy whatever the hell you want. I expect to see these cars in Georgetown but in Petworth it always makes me shake my head. I realize people are going to go crazy so I admit there are exceptions. Not every fancy car in Petworth fits this mold. But I would say an awful lot of them do. All I'm saying is that America has a terrible problem with buying things they can't afford and going into terrible debt. For medical bills, unemployment, food I can understand and am saddened by it. But I'd hate to think that families in our beloved Petworth are going into debt just for image.

Am I crazy?

Now Selling or are they?

Park View Condos, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These are some condos for sale just south of the Petworth metro. And they must really want to sell them. What the hell is 103% financing?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Are you ugly? Then head to Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights News is reporting that a new spa is coming to Kenyon Square.

"Radiance Medspa is a health spa franchise that provides medical skin treatments including Botox, facial peels, facials, microdermabrasion, meso-lipotherapy, and more."

I'm really speechless on this one. Can't we get one lousy bookstore for the love of God...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A proper renovation

Petworth Bungalow, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

While Petworth is known for its beautiful rowhouses, some may not realize it also has some beautiful rows of bungalows. Some of you may recognize that I am a bit biased on this point. Nevertheless, this a recent renovation that I have coveted for some time. It is bungalow located just north of Grant Circle. It has a beautiful cedar shingle that looks terrific. You can imagine a less scrupulous developer would've knocked off the second level and created a gargantuan wreck. But this particular house kept the historical details. I had the opportunity to check it out when it was on the market a couple of years ago. It is stunning and a welcome addition to our neighborhood.

Cropp Vs. Fenty Reexamined

The good work of the Ward 4 Special Election website continues. Jeff Steele has done a terrific job examining this upcoming election. Jeff has done a fantastic job focusing on the nuances of this election. Most recently he has taken a thought I had on the Ward 4 endorsemtents and turned them into a proper analysis. Check out his thoughts on Crop vs. Fenty Round Two here on his Ward 4 Special Election website. I don't necessarily agree with his conclusion but I admire his efforts on this further reexamination.

Happy Easter, Petworth Style

Petworth Easter, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Friday, April 06, 2007

So tell me, what would you do?

I faced a dilemma last night and I would like your collective advice please. I have great neighbors who have wonderful children. Now one particular neighbor has a child about 14/15 years old and is begining to run with a "bad" crowd. Everytime I see him he is very polite to me and we always chat for a while. So I don't want to see him get in trouble. Well, last night he was hanging out with a group of his friends in front of his house making a racket. I was cool with that although it was around 11pm. Then I hear a bottle smash. So I'm thinking to myself I have a few options: I can go outside and talk to them or I can call 311 or I can do nothing. What would you have chosen? I decided not to go outside because I figured he probably wouldn't be receptive to a talk in front of all his friends. I decided not to call 311 because he is a good kid and I didn't really want to see him get in trouble. So I gritted my teeth and did nothing. This morning, I went outside and sure enough there was a Grey Goose bottle of vodka smashed near my house. So I clean up the bottle, thinking to myself at least they have very good taste in vodka. Wait, a second, now they are drinking. What do I do? I don't want to rat him out. But I don't want to see him get into even worse trouble. So let's say he is hanging out with his friends and I spot them drinking - do I go over and talk to him? Plus I don't want to be a huge hypocrite because I am known to enjoy a beer or two. I'm leaning towards having a chat with him when his friends aren't around. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mario's computers?

Mario's computers?, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Remember Mario's pizza? It was without a doubt the worst pizza I've ever had in my life. It sits right across the street from Temperance Hall. Well, it thankfully closed and it looks like it has reopened as a computer store. I have to admit, though, the new signage does not exactly inspire one to purchase a new computer. This looks worse than a pawn shop. Damn it, Georgia Ave, needs some proper development.

On a happier note I do have to report that I had a drink at Temperance last night and it consistently delivers. The bartender, Scott, had phenomenal taste in music and there is such a good vibe going on. Next to Domku, Temperance Hall is by far the best addition Petworth has seen in my four years here.

Well, I'm getting hungry so I think I'll go grab a slice of horrible pizza and perhaps pick up a 10 year old Dell computer...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Do good fences make good neighbors?

Backyard Fence, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I just spotted this new privacy fence that has sprouted in the last week or so. I have to admit I have often thought about getting a privacy fence myself given that the alleys are usually less than pleasant to look at. But I have hesitated in getting one because I am poor. But that is really not the point. So tell me does getting a privacy fence send the wrong signal to your neighbors? Does it close you off? Given the state of the alleys in DC I'd say that I am leaning in favor of them.

A Fricking Tragedy in the Making

Upshur shell 3, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Please look at the photo below to see why I am so against this picture. Well, this is the third picture from the renovation occuring at Upshur and NH. It was a beautiful shell that I fear is being ruined. They have extended the two level house to include a third level. The bottom two are brick and the third looks like it will be vinyl. Good idea or a damn shame? What are your thoughts?

Atrocious Renovation

Sherman extended house, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This was a regular row house that was extended to include a new third level. I dare say it is vomit inducing.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Like Theater?

Come support a Petworth resident and sometime Domku bartender Joe Mills.

The American Century Theater Presents: That Champioinship Season by Jason Miller

March 30 - April 28, 2007
Wed.-Sat. at 8:00 pm
Sat. & Sun. at 2:30 pm

Gunston Arts Center
Theater Two
2700 South Lang Street
Arlington, VA


Who knew?

School board sign, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Apparently there is a school board election on May 1st as well. Somebody else can interview them.

Monday, April 02, 2007

House of the Day- Park View Edition

House o Day Park View, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A house I always admire on Sherman Avenue. Very nice porch and greenery.

Quote of the Day

Domku early evening:

First Man: Why are you so ugly?

Second Man: I was born that way.

First Man: Why are you so ugly? (Louder)

Second Man: I was born that way...God damn the English.