Sunday, February 11, 2007

Portrait of a Petworthian

I'm happy to announce a new feature on the Prince of Petworth. I will be posting a snapshot of a local Petworth resident every Monday. If you would like to be featured or know someone I should feature please email me at

This week I am proud to introduce Will Potter. Will was kind enough to let me interupt his scrabble game at Domku Sunday afternoon.

Job: Freelance reporter

Time in Petworth: Over 2 years.

Moved from: Mt. Pleasant

Current Location: 9th and Longfellow, I'm up north

Favorite hangout in Petworth: Domku or Temperance

Favorite aspect of living in Petworth: It has a great feel. My neighbors always say hi when I am doing yard work or working on my bike.


menrva said...

Great idea! As someone who is thinking of moving there, it's nice to see what my future neighbors might be like.

Anonymous said...

i second menrva's comment....i'm currently under contract on my condo and would love to hear about fellow neighbors!

Prince of Petworth said...

Glad you like the feature. There will be many more! Good luck on your moves.

Anonymous said...

Neat idea--how about some more questions though? Where did you move from? How long have you lived in the district? What neighborhood event would you like to have? What's your favorite family tradition? Stuff like that...